Why is Koratala sitting in Acharya’s settlement?

It’s been about two months since the release of Acharya and the issue is still burning. Buyers are all around Koratala Siva, the manager, demanding a settlement and the talks are still inconclusive.

Although the problem is such, the common man still does not know why the producers – Niranjan Reddy and Chiranjeevi / Charan are not in the picture and Koratala does all the lifting.

Here’s what we hear from our sources.

The real producer of the film is Niranjan Reddy. Konidela Production Company is involved in the remuneration of Chiranjeevi and Charan.

Koratala Siva had taken over the entire project from Niranjan Reddy paying him a bounty of 4 Crore on his investment in the project.

So, this is Koratala Siva’s movie and it did the trick. It’s just that he is not known as the owner (producer).

Koratala has “maybe” pooled all of his savings, investments and future advances to pay Niranjan Reddy and will obviously struggle to give buyers compensation.

Chiranjeevi and Charan quoted 50 Crore together for the film. They were paid 30 Crore before the release. They had given up the remaining 20 Crore to ease the burden of the project / Koratala Siva.

It is an agreement between four personalities – Niranjan Reddy, Chiranjeevi, Koratala Siva and Ram Charan. A fifth person may not know exactly what happened. But this version seems believable from what happens.

And that also means that Koratala Siva is up to his neck in trouble and it’s all self-inflicted.

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