What are the best TV shows you can watch with dad this Father’s Day in 2022

One thing all fathers have in common is ethics, which often includes timeless wisdom, honesty, and relentless guidance. This Father’s Day 2022, let your dad know how much you value his advice, whether you follow it or not! Let him know that you listen to him and that you love him as much as he loves you. Celebrate this Father’s Day a little differently by staying in tune with the times. This fun way to celebrate Father’s Day is both unique and inexpensive: watch a TV show with him! Explore all the best shows you can watch with your dad to show him your gratitude, respect, and love.

Here are the 20 best TV shows to watch with dad on Father’s Day 2022:

1. American Dad
This is an animated series available on Disney Hotstar + and which features a typical American family. It can be fun to watch with your dad this Father’s Day.

2. Stranger Things
The role of Chief Hopper in the promotion of the troubled and misunderstood Eleven is worth seeing with your father.

3. Cobra Kai
If you have a karate-loving dad, this is the show to get him watching this Father’s Day.

4. Older men
Many of the characters on this show will resonate with your dad and even other family members.

5. The office
Airing on NBC for nine seasons, the series can be watched with your dad this Father’s Day. It aired from 2005 to 2013.

Annie talks about a child who is taken in by Stacked to help boost the polls. Don’t miss it!

7. Billboard Dad
This series shows how some children play Cupid for their fathers.

8. Finding Nemo
Released in 2003, the animated film will tear you and your dad apart.

9. Parenthood
The film shows how super dads deal with work stress and children’s problems. In this film, the father trains his children and even dresses up as a cowboy to teach them life lessons.

10. The Champion
Released in 1979, this shows a ragtag father-son team working to achieve their goals.

11. Air Force One
Hijackers capture the wife and daughter of Harrison Ford, who plays the US president. How does he save them? Find out by watching this movie with your dad on Father’s Day.

12. Cheaper by the Dozen
Watch how a father of 12 takes care of them when his wife goes out of town.

13. Coming 2 America
King Akeem travels to the United States in search of his long-lost son.

14. Daddy’s Daycare
look Eddie Murphy as he embarks on the difficult quest of raising children in this gripping film.

15. Dad Day Camp
A 2007 American comedy, Daddy Day Camb is an entertaining film that provides both children and adults with a fun experience.

16. Right and order
Law and Order is always a hit with dads who love watching cop shows.

17. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Available on HBO Maxin this film, Will Smith is sent to his rich uncle Phil. It shows how he has fun at the expense of his uptight cousins ​​Carlton and Hilary.

18. The Upshaws
The series portrays a working-class family patriarch who manages in life with his wife and children.

19. Fuller House
This show will remind your dad of the good old days of the 1990s.

20. Lost in Space
It shows how difficult it is for a father to fulfill his responsibilities at work and at home. It definitely makes for an intriguing TV family drama.

You can watch any of them on Father’s Day 2022 and make your dad overwhelmed!


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