Video shows Lamborghini Urus speeding through stop sign, T-Bone car and house roof flying

A rented 2021 Lamborghini Urus reportedly caused severe damage to a duplex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in late July after it blew through a stop sign, hit another SUV at an intersection, launched about 20 feet into the air, then burst into a large ball of fire.

The incident happened just after 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 24 at the intersection of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 11th Street, WSVN reports. Surveillance video captured the moment the white Lamborghini truck, believed to have been leased from a Miami business, sped through a stop sign at high speed. The images themselves are not perfect, but the force of the impact is fully visible. The Lamborghini swerved away from the Nissan SUV which hit it before taking off, shattering the roof of the duplex in the process. The high-priced SUV then made its final landing on the other side of the duplex, unoccupied at the time.

“It looks like the car flew through the air about 20 or 30 feet, landed on the roof of the house here, hit the tree, fell to the ground and caught fire,” the fire chief said. Timothy Heiser. WSVN.

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Witness Clarence Middleton was not far from the crash scene and immediately sprang into action when he noticed the driver trapped inside the burning Urus. Middleton reportedly managed to pull the man from the wreckage before dragging him to safety.

The driver quickly regained his senses after Middleton’s rescue, then apparently decided he didn’t want to be there when police arrived on the scene. Middleton recalled seeing the man walk away from the scene with just his socks on. Police reportedly said the man was dizzy from the crash and eventually went to a local hospital for treatment. WSVN reports that the Urus driver is now cooperating fully with local authorities and their investigation. R&T has contacted FLPD for clarification of any pending criminal charges related to the accident.

Local10 reports that Nissan Pathfinder driver Mohammad Iqbal was transferred to Broward Health Medical Center after reporting chest and left hip pain at the scene. Iqbal later told the publication that his injuries were minor.

This would be just one of many unpleasant accidents that have occurred at this intersection. WSVN said residents have repeatedly urged local authorities to change the design of the intersection.

Let this incident serve as yet another example of why it is always important to keep your eyes moving when approaching an intersection. While the Nissan SUV driver apparently did nothing wrong here, someone else’s mistake could have cost him his life.

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