Top hedge fund managers see growth, Pensions & Investments 2022 survey finds

Among hedge fund firms with at least $10 billion in assets in IPIn the universe of 2022 hedge fund managers, New York-based Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC posted the strongest growth in assets under management at 71%, totaling $13.8 billion as of 30 June.

This growth propelled the company to 32nd place in the hedge fund rankings, up from 51st in 2021, when company growth increased 46.1% to $8.1 billion.

Ryan Tolkin, the company’s CEO and CIO, said the multi-strategy firm has expanded its organic capacity over the past year by adding 20 new partners and dozens of fund analysts, technologists and operations experts. , as well as developing long-term partnerships with external trading teams.

The firm’s employee base now totals 820 people in multiple offices around the world to accommodate 110 portfolio management teams and other employees.

“Our strong growth was fueled by market opportunities during the year ending June 30,” Mr. Tolkin said.

The firm manages several hedge fund strategies in four broad categories: quantitative, fundamental equity, tactical trading, and combined fixed income and macro discretionary.

In broad strategic areas, Schonfeld’s strategies range from long/short equities to tactical, systematic, event-driven trading, risk and volatility arbitrage, macro discretionary, commodities and other approaches.

The company continues to “augment the strategies it offers by seeking diversity across regions and markets from offices in the United States, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas” , Mr. Tolkin said.

The company is also growing its institutional investor base, Mr. Tolkin said, noting that the company works closely with clients offering transparent relationships because “we want our clients to understand what we are doing.”

About three-quarters of Schonfeld’s AUMs are institutional.

Other hedge fund companies over $10 billion with strong asset growth in IP’The company universe includes Balyasny Asset Management LLC, Chicago, up 60% in the year ended June 30. This propelled the multi-strategy firm to 27th place in IPwith $16 billion in assets from 39th place a year ago.

In written comments, Anita Nassar, Partner and Senior Managing Director, said, “Balyasny’s goal is to enable our LPs to be the best investors possible. We partner with our investors in a way that ensures transparency, alignment of interests and long-term goals, which has helped our growth. »

She added “to this end, we encourage a lengthy due diligence process and investors have access to our risk analysis, investment process and data intelligence.”

Miami-based extreme risk specialist Universa Investments LP moved up to 24th in the rankings with assets under management of $19.1 billion, up 54.4% from 32nd place in 2021.

Brandon Yarckin, chief operating officer, said in an interview that the company’s growth was driven by a “significant majority of new investors”, noting that “Universa shines when markets are really bad. Pension funds become really nervous when the markets are like that. We give them more security and help investors focus more on risk and drawdowns.

London-based Man Group PLC saw its global assets under management in hedge funds rise 15.9% to $73.5 billion as of June 30.

“If you look at the past 12 months ending June 30, demand from institutional investors has been focused on a combination of strong strategies, especially quantitative macro and equity market-neutral strategies, which have performed well in challenging markets. “Net inflow also skewed towards absolute strategies. There were big moves into commodities and currencies in the face of rising inflation” over the period, said Mark Jones, managing director. Deputy, in an interview.

On the positive side, Jones said market conditions were creating greater dispersion between firms, which provided more investment opportunities for hedge fund managers.

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