The story behind this Senators fan’s massive Josh Norris tattoo

Mason Kohne says he doesn’t regret getting a giant Josh Norris tattoo inked on his stomach, although the Senators forward has yet to follow through on his end of the deal. (via Mason Kohne)

I have one hockey related tattoo. Like many other sports fans. But, as is usually done when considering what to put on your body all the time, I tried to think that it was grounded in and not so obviously tied to a particular fandom.

Mason Kohne doesn’t care. But he also wanted something in return for his hockey ink.

The 20-year-old from West Linn, Oregon is a big fan of the Ottawa Senators, and after seeing his favorite team suffer a 5-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning this season in November, he decided to act on a whim.

“I reached out to Josh Norris and I sent him a direct message one night after a Senators game, and I said, ‘If I have a life size tattoo of your face on my stomach, can I get a autographed sweater? He responded and said, “Absolutely, it has to be a real tattoo,” Kohne told Yahoo Sports.

A DM exchange between Kohne and Josh Norris.  (Via Mason Kohne)

A DM exchange between Kohne and Josh Norris. (Via Mason Kohne)

After receiving the message from Norris six hours after the initial request, Kohne made an appointment to have a tattoo two days later at a tattoo parlor in Poland, which he is currently visiting. The 20-year-old even double-checked with the Senators forward to make sure the deal was done – mentioning the nomination – and said he got a message saying he was ready to go. tattoo.

It all happened so fast, but it was an opportunity the fan couldn’t pass up.

“Honestly, I don’t know why I decided to get a tattoo, it was a very spontaneous thing,” Kohne said.

The whole process only took a few hours, with several artists working on the piece.

“I had to take a train on the same day, so they had two artists working on me at the same time, and they did it in three hours,” Kohne said. “I couldn’t say what the tattoo artists were saying because there was a huge language barrier, where I couldn’t understand them, but they really loved it. “

After the tattoo was completed and the photo of the hockey player permanently engraved on Kohne’s stomach, he sent Norris photos and videos of the tattooing process to the store and apparently even returned to the newly inked fan, saying that ‘he liked it. But that’s where the interaction ended.

(via Mason Kohne)

(via Mason Kohne)

(via Mason Kohne)

(via Mason Kohne)

“He said he would send me the jersey and asked for my address, so I gave it to him,” he said. “I haven’t heard from him since and I never got the jersey.”

Kohne says the last interaction he had with Norris was on November 11.

“I was trying not to post it on the subreddit for a while,” he said, “because I was hoping to get the jersey or he responds. I didn’t want to sound crazy, but it’s been over two months and i have a giant josh norris face tattoo on my stomach so i can’t do much more to look crazier. so i posted it hoping that someone can help me.

Until now, Thursday’s post only has commentators questioning his decision to go through with the tattoo and wondering why he spent around US $ 1,000 to have Norris’ face on his stomach.

For Kohne, he can always look on the bright side, even if he only gets negative feedback for his decision and doesn’t get the jersey.

“I’m a huge Senators fan, so I figured the worst-case scenario would be if I got a tattoo of my favorite player on the team on my stomach.

Even if the fan tries to stay optimistic, the least the Senators or Norris himself can do is throw away a Kohne-style jersey – or even more -. Especially since the club seem lucky enough to have such a dedicated fan after finishing near the bottom of the league in recent seasons.

Are there more hockey tattoos coming up for Kohne, perhaps to show more of his dedication to the Senators? Well, they might have to do something on the ice first.

“When the Senators win the Cup, I’m going to get a tattoo of this. I’m going to take a sleeve and turn my left arm into a chicken wing in honor of my chicken Willy who died, ”he said. “The only other hockey game I’ll have is when the Senators win. I’m going to have something crazy unless I’m inspired to get another hockey tattoo.

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