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Do you remember Paul Harvey? You have to be a certain age to remember him. He was a radio news anchor and used to say “Now what for the rest of the story”. Then he would go on to reveal the inside scoop. Notes readers may remember the winners of the recent Patty’s Day Scramble played on the Little River Course on March 20. The winning team was Phil Dunn, Butch Carlstedt, Dan Macy and Jim Howarth. And now for the rest of the story. For Jim, who works in the pro shop and has never played golf, this was his first golf tournament. In the Scramble format, the team must use a minimum of three discs from each player. Team Dunn came into their final hole leading the field at nine under par and needed to get Jim’s third drive-in. Hole number one was the teams finishing the hole after starting the round, due to the shotgun tee off, at hole eighteen.

Having never played in a tournament before, Jim was feeling the pressure. The nervous os-sis was setting in. The stomach tickled, the sweat flowed. Jim took a few practice shots, took a deep breath, and addressed the ball. As his teammates watched Jim bring his club in and swing a powerful swing, the ball flew high and over the practice net. Off-limits. Jim said he wished he could disappear, disappear. A ball hit out of bounds is assessed a penalty stroke.

Jim wished a vulture would take him or he could crawl through a gofer hole. Now Jim had to play again and was now hitting his third shot with the stroke penalty. What the team didn’t know was that by accepting Jim’s drive, all teammates could have hit from the first tee. Jim addressed the ball again and hit it down the fairway to the right to end up on the eighth fairway behind the trees. The team hit and fought their way onto the first green, the ball landing over and to the side of the hole, requiring a difficult fourteen-foot putt for a double bogey. Jim watched his team mates attempt the putt without sinking it. Now it was Jim’s turn. He got down on all fours to assess the break. Putter in hand, Jim addressed the putt and calmly sank that fourteen footer. When the dust cleared at the scorer’s table, that putt secured first place for the team. Missing the putt would have been a triple bogey and loss of first place. Nice putt Jim. And now you know the rest of the story.

Did you notice the new cuts on all greens including the putting green with new flags as well. Pleasant. It should also be noted that Harvest Market donated all of the sausage buns for the high school golf team fundraiser held on St. Patrick’s Day.

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