The Music We Make by Debut Writer Michelle Rene DeBellis

“A moving story about pursuing your goals through pain and loss.”
-Kirkus review (A star-studded review, nominated for the Kirkus Prize)

Also nominated for: Pen/Hemingway Prize for First Novel and
The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

REDLANDS, CA., August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Pain presents itself.” With this line, DeBellis introduces readers to the stark realities of opiate addiction experienced through both physical and emotional pain when Santiago DeAngelo survives an accident in which his mother dies. Nearing rock bottom, the twenty-two-year-old musician receives inspiration from his late mother for a song to heal his grief. But when he’s seduced by a rare shot of fame to end this song, Santiago’s pill addiction worsens.

“The discovery of this work coincided with the recent retrospective on Elvis Presley. This coincidence can only do good for the novel’s popularity… A valiant exploration behind the curtains of fame!” –

“A story of love and redemption wrapped in a musical arc.”

Incredibly, the song at the heart of this novel is real. The author’s husband started writing “Bird of Paradise” when he received four notes from heaven after his mother died. However, her pain over her absence caused a creative block that persisted for years. During this time, the author heard the song several times while recovering from a car accident that led to her addiction to opiates. She says, “It’s a beautiful melody that inspired this story, and this story inspired the completion of the song.”

Bird of Paradise, by Dominique DeBellisis available on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever music is streamed. The song was also nominated for a Pulitzer in the music category.

Additionally, The Music We Make is also available as an audiobook performed by the author. “Bringing the characters to life with my voice was my favorite part of this project.”

Michelle Rene DeBellis vision is to create meaningful entertainment that connects us to each other with love. She lives in Redlands California with her songwriter husband and their two teenage children.

The music we make is available for purchase on, (worldwide), Barnes & Noble and

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ISBN: 979-8-9861672-0-6 hardcover


ISBN: 979-8-9861672-1-3 paperback

392 p.

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