The music pulls Donna Fargo from the “depth of sorrow”

People deal with grief in different ways, and when her husband died of coronavirus last April, it was only natural that legendary singer-songwriter Donna Fargo would build on her music in the form of a new CD.

“It was so deep,” the Mount Airy Grammy winner said of the pain and despair she endured after losing Stan Silver, whom she married in 1968.

“I didn’t know if I would make it out alive,” Fargo added in a Monday afternoon phone interview from his home in Tennessee while recalling his thoughts in the aftermath of his death.

That ordeal was coupled with her own battle with COVID at the same time, in addition to two strokes and multiple sclerosis that Fargo (birth name Yvonne Vaughn) has dealt with since her diagnosis in 1978.

The couple ended up in hospital, where she was treated for coronavirus and sent home with a good prognosis. “And they kept it,” Fargo said of her husband – who never got to leave.

“A Thing of God”

The death of one’s spouse is well documented as an emotionally devastating experience considered one of the most stressful of all possible losses on the scale of life events.

And it was no different for Donna Fargo, who produced a string of country music hits in the 1970s, including “The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA” and “Funny Face,” while hosting her own TV series. subscribed.

Those two songs also became pop chart crossover hits for the woman who graduated from Mount Airy High School in 1958 and eventually emigrated to California, where she taught school before launching her full-time music career.

Despite Stan Silver’s passing, he’s lived in a sense when it comes to how Fargo’s new CD project – “All Because of You” – has evolved, she strongly believes in looking back at the events that took place. subsequently took place.

“We had been working on a new CD” containing new songs, “kinda on and off as I would write them,” she said. “We were sort of in the middle of the project.”

This included a range of hardware that the couple had put together over five or six years. “I had them scattered,” Fargo said of those songs.

With the death of her husband, it would have been easy to forget these creations and relegate them to the dustbin of history, but Donna Fargo believes there were forces at work that brought the songs to light.

“He left them for me to find,” she believes, which was apparently aided by some significant divine intervention, since Silver would normally have been the one to put these songs into production.

“It was really a God thing all the way – I hadn’t thought about the music.”

The result was ‘All Because of You’, developed under the PrimaDonna label in Nashville, a six-track collection – ‘just our favorite songs I had written,’ the local native said of her and Silver .

“Some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written are there,” said Fargo, who now has “at least 20” albums under her belt as well as authorship books.

And his latest CD seems to hold a special place in his heart among this catalog of music.

“Thank you, God, for knowing what would lift me out of the depths of my grief when it seemed like music had become foreign to my soul,” Fargo says in his liner notes. The CD is dedicated to Silver, with mention of his role in releasing Fargo songs and producing all of his hit records.

Most of the tracks on the CD, with hearts adorning the cover, have romantic themes, such as “Love Knows No Door”, “I Think of You”, and “One of the Good Guys”.

Then there’s “This is America,” a catchy patriotic battle cry that Fargo originally titled “We Can Do Better in America.”

“Growing up in Mount Airy, it seems like I always loved God and my country,” Fargo explained Monday afternoon when discussing the basis for the catchy song. “It is difficult to see what is happening in the country.”

“This is America” ​​references this with lyrics such as “before we run the world again, we have to run ourselves” and mentions “great CEOs sending jobs to other countries”.

“We need each other more than ever in America,” the song continues in its “we can do better” theme.

“This is America” ​​could be the chosen signature track to lead the CD as a whole, an ongoing process among select disc jockeys across the country, Fargo reported.

Promotional material for the CD indicates that it is not taking the conventional release path, including in-store sales, and for now at least is only available on

Despite all the ups and downs she’s been through, Donna Fargo is grateful for her existence today, which includes loving thoughts about the community she hails from.

“I’ve always been proud of my hometown and always bragged about it on stage,” she said of Mount Airy while offering a special message to its residents:

“Tell people I miss them,” Fargo said, mentioning that she gets “so much mail” from Mount Airy.

“And I appreciate it,” the singer said of how it’s boosted her overall love for people and her appreciation for life.

“I am truly blessed.”

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