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The Lost Girls | Film critic

June 20, 2022


There’s a lot of potential in the premise of The lost girls. Traveling through the lives of four different generations of Darling women, the film explores candid themes that blur the lines of reality and fiction. Unfortunately, her biggest downfall is Wendy Darling Braverman, granddaughter of the original Wendy Darling and at the center of this particular story. All of the other Darling women have a lot of complexity in their characters, with Ella Rae Smith’s Berry delivering a stunning performance, despite the script’s clunkyness. Director Livia de Paolis’ performance as Wendy, on the other hand, fails to sell any endearing emotion.

It’s especially entertaining in a film that relies on the main character’s narration. To begin with, the narration itself here is already a form of counter-intuitive narration. However, Paolis’ bland and stale delivery further highlights the pitfalls of this technique. The script tries to save the scenes with references and quotes from the novel, but they sound out of place and disrupt the flow of the dialogue.

At times the film shows a glimpse of competence in its themes – there are awkward, intimate moments between characters of varying ages (from teenage Wendy and adult Hook, adult Wendy and ‘teen Peter, and teen Peter and pre-teen Jane), who do a good job of showing the dark side of never growing up; another great example is the idea of ​​losing loved ones to the clutches of fantasy and illusion. These are all interesting topics that are chained together by The lost girlsthe inability to scratch deeper than just the surface, leaving audiences unsatisfied.

In terms of production, he does his best to really focus on the nostalgia factor. It begins with an overview map of London, focusing on landmarks associated with the history of Peter Pan, like Big Ben. The cross-sections used to blur fantasy and reality are reminiscent of another adaptation of JM Barrie’s story, Peter and Wendy (2015), aAnd there’s a genuine effort to create magic from scratch, using light shows and flares rather than CGI to create fantastical scenes, and flower-filled backdrops with a heavy focus on the sky rather than elaborate backgrounds. Unfortunately, these visuals don’t make up for the lackluster protagonist and incomplete story.

Mae Trumata

The lost girls airs nationwide on the 17the June 2022.

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