The Flash Totally Undercut Spider-Man’s Most Heroic Movie Moment

As far as runaway subway scenes go, Peter Parker’s incredible triumph in Spider-Man 2 is nothing compared to The Flash’s effortless rescue.

The most amazing cinematic moment ever made by Spider Man was just an average Tuesday for the Glow. As Barry Allen showed in Lightning #20a subway rescue isn’t that bad with the right power set.

Spiderman 2 was directed by Sam Raimi and released in 2004. Following the hit 2002 film, fans returned to the cinematic world of Peter Parker and the growing pressures he begins to face to balance his personal life and that of super -hero. To make matters worse, famed scientist Otto Octavius ​​begins to terrorize the city under his new identity as the villainous Doctor Octopus. Although he briefly left his Spider-Man, Peter returns to action to confront Octavius ​​and in one scene the two fight atop a runaway subway train. With no other way to stop the train, Peter uses an enormous amount of straps to physically slow the train and save the passengers on board.


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Despite the wonderful bravery and ingenuity exhibited by Peter, the Flash had his own underground moment that made Peter’s effort crummy in comparison. In Flash #20 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, Barry discovers that someone is killing people with a connection to the Speed ​​Force. Believing that part-time speedster hero Sprint aka Floyd Gomez may be a target, or potentially the perpetrator, Flash tracks his ally to a subway station and attempts to get answers. Gomez, however, doesn’t want to talk and the two start fighting in a subway tunnel. During their conflict, Sprint tears up a piece of track just as a train begins to descend. As the train begins to drift off the track, Barry springs into action and creates a wind tunnel to guide the train to safety.

Despite the potential calamity, it’s nothing the Flash can’t handle. The worst part is that Barry mentions that he will have to spend the night freezing his shoulder. It’s a remarkable stunt that Barry pulls off, but for him, it’s not a big sweat. That’s the difference compared to the effort that Peter had to put in to obtain the same result in Spiderman 2possibly making the case for which power play may be better.

Of course, Spider-Man saving the subway train is still a big moment. Not just because of her victory by saving everyone, but because she showed off Peter’s two best traits: determination and quick thinking. But the Flash showed Spider-Man that the Force and the Webs have nothing on super speed and understanding scientific principles. Peter was willing to go beyond his absolute limits to save the day, a noble thing for any superhero. But Barry achieved the same result with a fraction of the effort, making it pretty indisputable the most useful power in this particular scenario. Spider Man 2 the subway scene was impressive, but there is no doubt Glow is much more suited to such a rescue.

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