The dog that has been missing for eight days is found!

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – In today’s Lost and Found from Leigh, a happy ending for a dog owner after an eight-day ordeal.

This is how long Squirrel has been missing from his Springfield home. But thanks to a security camera and a few watchful fans of my Leigh’s Lost and Found page, she’s now back home.

The squirrel is believed to be resting in a cage while its owner Cheyenne Gilroy works at Republic Animal Control.

But recently she received a quick visit outside to show how well she is after her long period of freedom on the streets.

Cheyenne Gilroy says, “I went around my neighborhood like a maniac, looked everywhere.”

Squirrel exited through a door and took off in mid-September.

“No one had seen her, nothing. I made flyers that night.

She also posted it on Leigh’s Lost and Found page and it was there, eight days later, that Cheyenne saw a possible sighting.

“Someone posted a video on Facebook from their security camera at 5 a.m. It looked like it but it was terrible quality.

It was Squirrel and a woman following the story on the page offered to help Cheyenne catch him.

“She went out and searched and searched and searched. I think she stayed outside for hours.

This perseverance paid off.

“She was calling me, saying hey, we cornered her. Can you come get her,” Cheyenne tells us.

Squirrel was probably hit by a car. She had a rash, a chipped tooth and her right front leg will have to be amputated.

But Cheyenne remains optimistic.

“A three-legged dog is better than a dead dog.”

She’s just thrilled that her dog is back home with her. And eternally grateful to the woman who helped make it happen.

“There are people like her in the world and that’s why the world is great. I wouldn’t have found Squirrel without her.

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