SWAT’s Shemar Moore Shows Fans An ‘Average Day’ On Set With Cool BTS Video

If there’s one thing Shemar Moore is known for, it’s giving fans the gift of behind-the-scenes content from the entire TO CRUSH Now, ahead of the latest episode of CBS Walkthrough, the actor has shown us what an “average day” looks like on set and, while that may be normal for him and the crew, he’s sure to be seen far and wide. to be mainstream by the show’s loyal viewers. In fact, it’s pretty cool!

the Criminal minds alum recently shared a video on Instagram that takes fans through the typical production process of directing an episode of TO CRUSH The clip appears to include just about everything from the crew getting ready to film to 20-Squad eventually getting on a plane and making their entrance. Needless to say, if it’s a normal day on set, I’d never want to leave:

It’s honestly pretty amazing how everything comes together behind the scenes to create what we see on our television screens. By the way, this video makes me wonder what 20-Squad is up to in the remaining episodes of Season 5. It’ll be interesting to see how the plane is involved but, however dangerous things get, I don’t know. if the team will be able to handle this.

More immediately, however, the Shemar Moore-led series recently filmed its 100th episode. The cast posted photos on Instagram to celebrate the big milestone, with one image showing them posing in front of Black Betty with a cupcake resembling the vehicle. The episode, which airs April 10, will see Hondo try to clear his name after being charged with the murders of two officers, per TVLine. The CBS drama is known for its big episodes, so the 100th will definitely be one to look forward to.

While the show struggled after moving to Sunday nights at the start of the new year, TO CRUSH has consistently delivered above average action sequences and storylines. Hopefully he will see a spike in his grades. All the action that seems to be coming in the next few episodes might inspire fans to stick with or return to the series as well. Currently, the veteran series has yet to be renewed for a sixth season, though CBS seems to be taking its time making announcements regarding all of its dramas. Fingers crossed that a renewal comes along so we can eventually get more of the show and some additional cool videos from Shemar Moore.

In the meantime, be sure to watch all the great rescues and action sequences from 20-Squad in new episodes of TO CRUSH airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS. Past episodes can also be streamed with a Hulu subscription. Plus, check out CinemaBlend’s Winter and Spring 2022 TV Schedule to see what else to expect this year!

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