Study shows surgical outcome of unilateral juvenile cataract with delayed presentation

September 02, 2022

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Alapati A, et al. The usefulness of surgical intervention in the late presentation of juvenile unilateral cataract. Presented at the Summer Symposium on Women in Ophthalmology; August 25-28, 2022; Monterey, California (hybrid meeting).

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MONTEREY, Calif. – A study at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City examined the outcomes of surgery in infants with unilateral juvenile cataracts with delayed presentation beyond the recommended 6-week window.

The study, presented by Akhila Alapati, MD, and co-authors of a poster at the 2022 Summer Symposium on Women in Ophthalmology, was a chart review of children with visually significant juvenile cataracts who had no surgery or had surgery after 6 weeks old.

Of the 14 children operated on, one remained aphakic and his visual acuity deteriorated from 20/125 to 20/400. Three children had no visual improvement and maintained their preoperative visual acuity of 20/125, 20/100 and 20/80. Ten patients improved, but five gained only one line of vision. The most significant improvement was to count the finger at 20/60 in one case. The average increase in vision was one line, from 20/126 to 20/80.

Non-surgical patients improved by a median of one line during follow-up.

“The data from this study may further inform the conversations that pediatric eye surgeons have with parents of children to create expectations about surgery,” the authors concluded.

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