Shehnaaz Gill star Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa balances drama with plenty of laughs


Movie: Honsla Rakh
Actors Honsla Rakh:
Shehnaaz Gill, Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa
Director Honsla Rakh: Amarjit Singh Saron
Where to watch: In theaters (excluding Maharashtra and Kerala)
Reviewed by: Kritika Vaid Also read – Honsla Rakh: Shehnaaz Gill’s smiling photos taken on sets will melt your heart!

Shehnaaz Gill, Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa’s highly anticipated film ‘Honsla Rakh’ finally hit the big screen on October 15, and what a fun movie to watch. Read also – Review of the film Honsla Rakh: Internet users rally behind Shehnaaz Gill; greet her as ‘The Next Big Thing’

What is it about
Honsla Rakh is Diljit Dosanjh’s daring film where it features a beautiful performance of a father (Yanky Singh), who raised his son on his own when his wife Shehnaaz Gill (Sweety) left him after giving birth. Outside of dad’s homework, Yanky loves to party but had to avoid it because his son Shinda Grewal (Honsla) said no! See, how is their connection. This is the first time that we see the main roles of Diljit with a young boy. The father-son duo is remarkable! They are friends and share a strong relationship. In fact, Yanky is someone who has no friends and enjoys playing with his son. There is something about Diljit, he is really funny and people really love him. They listen to his songs on repeat and watch his movies over and over again, making sure to break box office records. Also Read – Honsla Rakh Movie Review: Shehnaaz Gill in Her First Film is a Feast for All Fans – Here’s Everything Shehnaazians Can Expect

What is hot
It’s outdated and predictable! The film balances its drama with plenty of laughs to keep a constant flow of humor and never stray from its plot. While the whole plot has become a bit obvious through the trailer, Honsla Rakh still manages to keep you engaged until the very last frame thanks to being two hours and twenty-five minutes long. The film is positive, simplistic, and despite its share of melodrama in the second half, it never loses its sustained rhythm.

Director Amarjit Singh Saron made full use of Diljit’s comedic timing. Diljit is a natural actor, and it was a good decision to star him. He is also one of the producers of Honsla Rakh.

All of our eyes were on Shehnaaz Gill! As soon as she entered, a personal bond was felt because we know (the public had come for her). She is beautiful. A story is shown when Diljit and Shehnaaz were a couple. Shehnaaz’s character, Sweety, was not happy with her life and their unexpected child. Also, what she was aiming for in her life is still a funny story. Now when Shehnaaz and Diljit share the screen space, you’d expect the movie to be romantic. The director does not disappoint you on this point. It takes you back to the days when Yanky and Sweety were a happy married couple. Shehnaaz wins hearts and makes her fans fall in love with her again. She deserves so much more recognition; she is not only effortlessly beautiful, but also talented.

So far, so good. Now we are introduced to a yoga instructor, Sonam Bajwa (Jasmine). As Yanky searched for a partner to settle down with, he couldn’t control himself to come into contact with a hot and gorgeous girl. At first, Diljit’s character jokes about “lasagna ke ander mooli wale paranthe” because he wants to find a “foreign mummy” for Honsla. The directors shared an important message in the film that we would like to highlight as well. When Jasmine didn’t pay attention to Yanky he started following her, plus he stalked and of course it’s a crime. We’re glad the movie didn’t promote it instead, showed audiences what happens to a stalker.

As expected, Jasmine falls in love with Yanky, but there is something that needs to be discussed before she takes the final leap of faith. The film chooses a contemporary urban story with characters that will appeal to modern mentalities and make him a conventional artist.

Going back to Shinda Grewal’s acting, he was super cute in the movie. His dialogues and performances get a new fan base. The directors chose the cutest child to appear in the film. The smile of Gippy Grewal’s youngest son melts hearts.

What is not
There’s a tip before you watch the movie: don’t expect much, it’s a light comedic love story with a dash of family drama.

BL verdict

The content of the Punjabi film does not appeal to a wider audience, however, in this film the directors have done their best to have Honsla Rakh discussed nationally and people can connect with it.

Evaluation :
3 out of 5

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