Russian State Media Can’t Stop Promoting Breitbart’s New Film ‘My Son Hunter’

Russia is facing difficult times – both on the battlefield and on the home front – and the country’s leading propagandists are laser-focused on distracting the domestic populace by demonstrating that things are even worse at home. ‘foreign. In addition to featuring clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and social media posts of former US President Donald Trump and his son Don Jr., Kremlin-controlled propagandists have seized on another element of Practical agitprop: a soon-to-be-released film produced by Breitbart. film, my hunter son.

State media propagandists are working hard to promote the film, which is set to premiere on September 7 and reportedly focuses on various conspiracy theories about US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

A promotional trailer for my hunter son was shown in its entirety on many Russian state television programs. “Sex, Drugs, The Notebook from Hell, and America’s Sellout.” The makers of the new Biden Jr. movie have promised to show it all to the public,” state TV show host Closing at 8:00 p.m., Ernest Mackevičius, announced in his introduction to the trailer on the Rossiya-1 channel this week. The seven-minute segment included the entire promo, along with clips of Tucker Carlson and Sen. Ron Johnson accusing the FBI of “interfering in the election” by not investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Russia regularly brags about its moral purity compared to the “decadent and decaying” West, but Kremlin-controlled state television dropped any pretense when promoting the film. Abandoning their usual strict standards of nudity and sexual content, the state television show has not been shy about repeatedly airing tons of illicit clips featuring the president’s son.

A similar pattern was followed in other state media broadcasts. Trailer preview during Friday’s broadcast of the state TV show 60 minuteshost Evgeny Popov called the film “scandalous” and said the Republicans produced it with their own funds because “they were tired of waiting for justice to be done”.

Popov felt that the imminent release of my hunter son is intended to help Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. He noted that “Trump’s main ‘asset’ is the president’s son’s notebook, in all its beauty – with all its contents.” Co-host Olga Skabeeva added: “We await the premiere and hope for great success in the United States, to bring our beloved Trump back to power.”

The former US president’s legal wrangling has had Moscow in recent weeks questioning the viability of his eventual run for the presidency, compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known in Russia as “number two.” “. Nonetheless, the growing gap between Trump supporters and the rest of America is seen in Russia as a unique opportunity for the Kremlin – and the persistent targeting of Hunter Biden, the US president’s perceived Achilles’ heel, appears to be an important part of the Putin team’s strategy. .

“An interesting situation is emerging. America is on the brink of civil war, because these accusations [against Trump] simply won’t resolve. Europe is on the brink of civil war. Britain is preparing its police to suppress the riots, ”said Vladimir Solovyov during the latest broadcast of his state television program.

While brainstorming on how to make civil unrest abroad a reality, Solovyov brought up various issues simmering in Europe and the United States and mused aloud: “Why not escalate all these crises? ” The discussion veered into destabilizing countries seen as hostile to Russia, for example by mobilizing pro-Russian elements, staging protests and stirring up other potential unrest.

When it comes to America, Russian propagandists see distrust of the US election as one of the key things that will drive Americans to the streets. Appearing on Solovyov’s show, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed out that more than half of Americans no longer have confidence in US elections. She accused the FBI, Facebook and Twitter of “election interference” for allegedly removing documents related to Hunter Biden. Zakharova lamented an alleged wide-ranging “conspiracy” against Trump, which she says is run by unnamed intelligence agencies.

Andrei Bezrukov, a Russian spy whose life story inspired the popular TV show Americans, predicted that investigations and prosecutions of members of the intelligence community suspected of “targeting” Trump would indeed take place, in the event that Republicans win a majority in the House and Senate in the upcoming midterm elections in november. Bezrukov further speculated that the GOP would try to impeach Biden.

Soloviev also accused the ‘deep state’ of plotting against the former US president and said that under US law a ‘special prosecutor’ should be appointed to investigate and criminally charge the FBI agents responsible for tracking him down. Trump. With a smirk, the main Kremlin propagandist joked, “How about my candidacy for this position?

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