Roblox Music-Tech Company Splash Announces $ 20 Million Series A



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Splash, a Roblox-focused music technology company, has officially completed a $ 20 million Series A funding round.

Brisbane-based Splash today unveiled the multi-million dollar increase, including via a lengthy post on its LinkedIn page. Amazon Alexa Fund and BITKRAFT Ventures led the round, according to this announcement post, with participation from Khosla Ventures and King River Capital.

BITKRAFT, headquartered in San Francisco, has an active stake in Fortnite creator Epic Games, according to the four-year-old investment platform’s website, while the Alexa fund “provides up to $ 200 million in venture capital to fuel innovation in voice technology, ”his own website. relay.

Splash, which arrived on the scene as PopGun in 2017 and launched on Roblox last year, “develops new ways for people to create, play, and interact with live performances using AI-based video games and tools, ”the release continues, although music remains the“ primary and current focus ”for the company. On that front, “using platforms like Roblox”, Splash allows players to create music, stages, locations and live performances, with over 128 million pieces to its name to date.

The music-tech startup – led by former We Are Hunted CEO Stephen Phillips – also acknowledged that “virtual character Kai has become the first Splash Star to emerge from the game,” racking up $ 1.7 million to the north. seen on the “Breathe Again” music video to date – and performing for over 140,000 total players in Splash.

Additionally, Phillips participated in a Techstars discussion event today, highlighting his company’s development of AI instruments, reiterations and the company’s role in the contemporary music industry, and the recently closed increase.

“We’re building Splash,” Phillips explained, “which is a game on the platform [Roblox] which allows anyone to enter one of our virtual clubs and register to take the stage and perform. … The main goal of the game is that they register to go on stage, when it’s their turn, they go on stage, they have 60 seconds to play. And the goal is to be the most famous performer of Splash.

“And you get there – depending on your performance, you get the fame and the audience parts. So it’s a live experience, and from there the kids learn to make music and they have the fun of performing live on stage.

“We’ve had over seven million people performing, making music in the game. Over one and a half million players have performed more than 10 times on stage. Our core of DJs have performed over 10,000 times on stage, and it has become their hobby, their obsession. If you talk to them, they build careers in the music industry – they make music, they put on a show and they train, ”he concluded.

Roblox – fresh out of a three-day outage – continues to embrace music and boost its live performance offerings. The platform partnered with Warner Music (a pre-IPO investor) for a Twenty One Pilots concert, launched listening evenings, and settled a copyright infringement lawsuit with the National Music Publishers ‘Association (NMPA) in September. And in October, by contrast, Roblox partnered with EDC to launch a metaverse music festival, following a $ 5.2 million raise for game developer Roblox Supersocial.


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