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Resident Evil movie franchise gets official reboot with release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City this month. However, while the Resident Evil games are certainly a landmark series beloved around the world, most moviegoers are familiar with the name Resident Evil from one of the most successful successful franchises of the 2000s. It’s no secret that no one that hardcore game fans have ever been satisfied with the number of liberties the Resident Evil movies have taken with the source material; So, will Sony and Screen Gems do things differently with this new take on the franchise?

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The Podcast ComicBook Nation caught up with Johannes Roberts, the director and screenwriter of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Naturally, one of the first questions to ask was how the Resident Evil movie reboot will be different from the 2000s series starring Mila Jovovich. According to Roberts, a new take on Resident Evil is something the time demands:

“The point is, times have changed, I think. When the first film franchise came out, a video game adaptation was very much regarded as’ people know the name, so take the IP, take the name. ..and do whatever you want. want, ”says Roberts.“ Just take the name and do whatever it takes, add value. Over the past 20 years, that has really changed. There has become a real respect for the game. I think games have grown and become so sophisticated as well. It was this idea that sort of became central to the way we presented [the film] and in the way we went, like, “Look, let’s take this seriously. “”

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As Johannes Roberts points out, it’s this shifting of the game itself to a more complex and sophisticated level that makes his work of adapting a film more like the classic process of adapting literature to the screen. :

“It’s like a novel. If you adapt a novel, you take the source material very, very seriously. It was the same when we came back to the game and it was like, look, let’s go back, let’s say which got us excited when we were kids, when I played that as a student. Let’s do some super scary horror. To be the horror guy that comes along and like, let’s really do something terrifying, dark , scary, that matches the tone. It was just a really exciting thing that just hadn’t been done before with the previous franchise. It was a lot of fun. ”

Indeed, previous Resident Evil movies have received worldwide acclaim relying as much on the action spectacle element as the survival horror element that made the games such a pioneering success. Hopefully fans who have been waiting for a more faithful adaptation of the material are happy with the results.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City hits theaters on November 24. You can watch director Johannes Roberts’ full interview above – and subscribe to the ComicBook Nation podcast HERE.


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