Rachel Zegler and Other ‘West Side Story’ Stars Respond to Ansel Elgort Sexual Assault Allegations

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In June 2020, a Twitter user named Gabby wrote in a now-deleted tweet that the “Baby Driver” actor “sexually assaulted me when I was 17,” although he vehemently denied it.

AceShowbiz – The stars of “West Side Storyfinally addressed the sexual assault allegations made against their co-star Ansel Elgort. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rachel Zegler, Rita Moreno and Ariana DeBose shared their thoughts on the allegations.

Moreno said she refused to make “judgments” on the charges, which Elgort has previously denied. “I think it would have been absolutely horrible and wrong for anyone to take sides in this case,” she explained. “It’s not for me to make those judgements.”

DeBose seemed to echo the sentiment. “No one really knows what’s going through anyone’s head. Only the people involved in this situation know what really happened,” said the actress, who recently made her acting debut. host in “Saturday Night Live“, noted.

As for Zegler, who played the love interest of Elgort’s character in Steven Spielberg’s beloved musical adaptation, noted that “a lot has happened in the world” since they all shot the movie together.

“We made a movie two and a half years ago, and a lot has happened in the world since then,” she revealed. “A lot of things have changed very publicly, and privately as well. There’s been a lot of revival.”

She continued, “You just hope those involved are okay, are interviewed in a respectful manner, and given a chance to respond for themselves.”

In June 2020, a Twitter user named Gabby wrote in a now-deleted tweet that the “baby driverThe actor “sexually assaulted me when I was 17.” Elgort has vehemently denied the allegations.

“I have never and would never assault anyone,” he said in a statement. “What’s true is that in New York in 2014, when I was 20, Gabby and I had a brief, legal, and entirely consensual relationship.”

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