[Photo Story] Our vision of the Sylly week

Whether it’s your very first Sylly week or your eighth, there have been some great moments to capture at the start of this semester. Between the move, the engagement fair, the rain and the sun, the campus was certainly busy.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite moments through the lens of our visual staff.

The campus was packed for move-in weekend. While the traffic was less than pleasant, it was great to see everyone’s smiling faces.

Richards Larkin | forward state
Richards Larkin | forward state

Once the students unloaded their cars and said goodbye to their mothers in their arms, it was time for some real fun… lessons, of course!

The first day was rainy and many students learned that an umbrella is a necessary investment.

The Blue & White Society brought fun to campus with cornhole boards, inflatables, and other backyard games.

Fortunately, the weather was wonderful.

Maybe you found yourself among the craziness of the Involvement Fair. Good luck with the 20 mailing lists you are now on!

There will certainly be at least a club you stay with. It’s exciting that you found your Penn State niche at this event.

There were plenty of great views this week, and Old Main looked better than ever.

Each evening ended with a brightly painted sky.

Welcome to Penn State!

Teagan is a recent photojournalism graduate and one of Onward State’s photographers. She’s from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but is Canadian at heart. On campus, she is involved in the Photo Club and is an Aurora Outreach Leader. For more fun content, follow her on Twitter: @Teag_42.

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