Pactola Reservoir shows promising signs amid two-year drought in Black Hills

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – The Bureau of Reclamation lists the Pactola Reservoir at 99.7%, making it close to full capacity. Pactola Marina and Rapid Creek are also showing increased water levels.

In the past two days…at the request of the Bureau of Reclamation, the city has increased flow rates from the Pactola Reservoir from thirty cubic feet per second to 60 cubic feet per second.

Rapid City Water Department superintendent Jeff Crockett said Rapid City experienced one of the most severe droughts of the 1990s, which forced Rapid City to find better ways to conserve water. He hopes this will never happen again.

He says: ‘The big drought we had was in the early 90s and the levels at Pactola went down twenty, thirty, forty, fifty feet, so at that time they instituted conservation measures water that we still use to this day. It’s something we’ve been doing for the past twenty years and it’s just being good stewards of the water we have. We’ve had two dry years right now, we’re sitting very well. If we have a few more dry years, it might be a little different. »

Crockett says that in severe drought, people should refrain from watering the lawn in the middle of the day and he recommends buying water-saving appliances like faucets and low-flow aerators.

“There are lots of things you can do, you can buy water-efficient appliances, you can buy low-flush toilets, low-use showerheads. When you brush your teeth, don’t let the sink run. When doing laundry or a load of dishes, make sure the loads are completely full. Don’t do half loads, things like that, it really matters.

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