Original Saliva Vocalist Josey Scott Promises New Music and Reworked Versions of Classic Songs

Original SALIVA singer Josey Scott says he plans to release new solo music as well as reworked versions of some of the band’s classic songs.

Scott left SALIVA in late 2011 after 15 years with the band, ostensibly to pursue a solo career in Christian music. It is quickly replaced by Bobby Amaruthat can be heard on SALIVAthe last four versions of: “In This To Earn It” (2013), “Rise up” (2014), “Love, Lies and Therapy” (2016) and “10 Lives” (2018).

During the weekend, Scott uploaded a video message to his Youtube channel in which he officially announced his return to the music industry. He said, “What’s up, everybody? It’s Josey Scottex-singer of SALIVA. I am so happy to be with you again after ten years. I’m coming back to the music industry. I can’t wait to see each of you there.

“You can follow me on instagram and Facebook @JoseyScott, on Twitter @JoseyScottMusic. And for news, tour dates and merchandise, please subscribe to JoseyScott.com. And JoseyScottMusic is my Youtube channel. Please subscribe and turn on the notification bell to receive all upcoming news. There are big things ahead for you guys. I’ve got new music, I’ve got the classics that I’m going to redo and put in piano and strings, and all kinds of good things to come.

“Can’t wait to see you guys. I’ve missed you so much. Love you to the fans. See you soon!”

In October 2019, Scott announced that he was returning to SALIVA, explaining at the time that he wanted to reunite with his former bandmates and “write a badass record”. Less than a year and a half later, in March 2021, SALIVA guitarist wayne swinny poured cold water on those plans, saying the reunion with the singer “never really took off”.

Last month it was announced that SALIVA will meet with Scott for a unique appearance this year Blue Ridge Rock Festival, which runs September 8-11 at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Va. The set should include both Joey and Police officer performing songs from their respective band eras.

SALIVAthe reunion with Scott to Blueridge was originally announced on March 18 by festival organizers via Twitter. They wrote: “It’s happening. For years it’s been the subject of many rumors and requests, now it’s finally happening in September.” Less than two weeks later, Scott shared the ad on Twitter for the first time and included a simple two-word comment: “LETS GO!!!!!!” When a fan asked him “Are you serious???”, he replied: “Yes!”

When Swinny spoke to WRIF in regards to SALIVAthe failed reunion with Scotthe said that although there had been initial discussions about JoeyUpon the group’s return, there was no follow-up to ensure the plan was executed.

“If you want to do something, do it” wayne mentioned. “But you can’t just talk about it and have it magically happen. There is work, there is planning, there are things that come into play, and none of that has been done early enough to succeed.

“Yeah, there was a fan response, going, ‘Wow, yeah, that could be cool. But it didn’t get enough steam to take off,” he explained. “All the preliminary stuff kind of fell into place, and it just didn’t gel.

“It just didn’t make sense to stop what we [the current lineup of SALIVA] were doing and doing this, because you got momentum, we got a groove, the band is tight live. I didn’t feel like we had to let this go or rest.”

Last December, Joey taken to his Twitter write: “I want 2 to apologize 2 my fans because I thought I was going to get together with some people and make new music, and it failed, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. It does not “There are no coincidences. A blessing in disguise. Now it’s just you and me, how intimate is that? #SV2022.”

SALIVA released six albums with Scott and tasted platinum success and a grammys nomination for his first big success, “Your Illness”.

last May, SALIVA celebrated the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut on a major label, “Every Six Seconds”with a special project called “Every Twenty Yearsan EP of classic songs re-recorded with Amaru.

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