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By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint efforts with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, a summary of the crime and arrests in Tamarac through December 20, 2021.

Aggravated aggression

NW 60th Ave.

On 12/19/2021, the victim said that his neighbor next door asked him to turn down the volume of his music. The victim refused to turn the volume down and aggravated assault was committed.

Burglary Transport

W. Commercial Blvd.

On 12/19/2021, the victim noticed that the vehicle she parked behind her restaurant business had been broken into. The suspect smashed the vehicle’s rear passenger window and took away several items that were left in the vehicle. Early. East. Loss: $ 1,800.

W. Commercial Blvd.

On 12/17/2021, the victim’s vehicle was broken into near the back of his business. Early. East. Loss: $ 40.

Prospect Road

On 12/17/2021, the victim indicated that she arrived at Caporella Park at 5:10 p.m. and returned to her vehicle at 5:45 p.m. She discovered that someone had smashed the driver’s side window to get into her vehicle.

Resist arrest

Boulevard Lagos De Campo.

On 12/15/2021, a minor took an unauthorized vehicle, went for a joy ride and was driving recklessly in the town of Tamarac. The vehicle crashed and was disabled, and the driver fled. The driver was located and taken into custody after having fled on foot and resisted without violence.

Retail theft

W. Commercial Blvd.

On 12/16/2021 MEPs spoke to the duty manager, who said the Oral-B bandits were back in the store and had stolen 5 Oral-B toothbrushes within 2 minutes . Early. East. Loss: $ 149.

Electronic fraud

N. Devon Dr.

On 12/17/2021, the victim’s wire transferred a total of $ 15,000 to an unknown subject who promised to process their $ 100,000 grant. Early. East. Loss: $ 15,200.


Bienaime, Jeffrey, 41, was arrested for possession of cocaine on W Commercial Blvd on 12/15/2021.

Pena, Allen Michael, 44, was arrested for Prop-crim Misch-1000 Dols Damage on W McNab Rd on 12/16/2021.

Overbeck, Jason Lee, 43, was arrested for committing domestic battery by strangulation on W Commercial Blvd on 12/17/2021.

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Kevin deutsch

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