Newly released video shows Capitol rioters raiding Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6

WASHINGTON — Video recorded by a man charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol shows rioters inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during the insurgency.

The video, shown to jurors during Riley Williams’ trial, was shot by Kevin Lyons, another Jan. 6 defendant who faces six counts in connection with the 2021 Capitol attack and is expected to stand trial. in February. It was released to the media following a request from NBC News.

In the video, rioters can be heard chanting “Naaaancy, Naaaancy, Naaaancy” as they enter the speaker’s suite, where staff members were huddled in a conference room, barricading themselves from the crowd.

Williams — a follower of Nick Fuentes and a far-right white nationalist movement she is affiliated with called the “Groypers” — was charged with aiding and abetting the theft of a laptop that Pelosi, D-California , used for Zoom meetings. The jurors began deliberating on Wednesday afternoon.

The laptop was already gone by the time Lyon entered the conference room, the video shows. Lyon then enters an adjourned room where a mirror has been broken.

The video features Elijah Schaffer, a former employee of Glenn Beck’s conservative outlet The Blaze, who posted on social media during the riot that he was in Pelosi’s office and “with the thousands of revolutionaries who took storm” the Capitol.

About 900 defendants have been charged in connection with the Capitol attack and more than 440 have pleaded guilty to various charges.

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