New Home Improvement Book Shows Homeowners How To Save Money When Building Or Remodeling Without Sacrificing Quality


CHICAGO, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As if the COVID supply chain disruption, making it difficult to find many consumer items, wasn’t bad enough, many homeowners experienced sticker shock when the price of Lumber hit an all-time high this spring, skyrocketing construction budgets and forcing people to delay home improvement projects. The cost of gasoline, food and other commodities has also increased over the past year, and parts of the country are expecting prices for natural gas and electricity to rise. Such inflation can dramatically reduce household budgets, forcing many homeowners to reconsider their plans to build a new home or renovate an existing one.

A new book from a home renovation enthusiast Joe Oswald aims to show homeowners how to save money when building or renovating without sacrificing quality by learning how to control their costs. The Owner’s Guide to Contracting, Building & Renovating: Save a Fortune by Learning What Contractors Don’t Want You to Know (ISBN-13: 978-0-9709734-4-3) was Amazon’s number one new release in April in its Home Design and Construction category. The book follows Oswald’s renovation and subsequent construction of a three-level addition to his 1929 Spanish Revival style home in Chicago in which he acted as general contractor. The house has received rave reviews after it was recently featured on the annual Beverly / Morgan Park Home Tour.

According to Oswald, “The builder’s mark-up is the biggest secret of the general contractor, and it is perhaps the most important factor in controlling costs… Getting multiple quotes, ordering directly from suppliers and knowing the real one. cost of materials and labor saved me a fortune. “

Oswald details the entire project, including how he was able to save tens of thousands of dollars over estimates he received from general contractors by avoiding builder markups, ordering his own materials, and hiring his own. subcontractors. With experience renovating a previous home and the knowledge he had gained from taking a general contractor course and working for a real estate developer years earlier, Oswald decided to tackle the project. itself, including planning mechanical systems, obtaining permits and meeting with building inspectors.

Organized to cover the major phases of construction and renovation, including construction finance, the book is complete with over a hundred photographs, checklists, builder ideas and inspirational quotes.

Midwest Book Review states, “Exceptionally well written, organized and presented… a comprehensive and perfectly ‘user friendly’ instruction guide.

Architect Joe carrol says: “A valuable guide to procurement, construction and renovation, homeowners will surely benefit from Joe Oswald’s knowledge and experience. ”

In addition to renovating homes, Oswald has been teaching history for over twenty years and has written two other books including that of Chicago Beverly / Morgan Park neighborhood and a vocabulary improvement book titled Vocabulary for champions.

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