New additions to television and cinema

The full lineup of new upcoming movie and TV series titles HBO Max that January 2022 has been revealed, which you can now check out below, along with the titles set to leave the streamer next month.

This includes the return of HBO and HBO Max originals such as the highly anticipated Euphoria Season 2 starring Emmy winner Zendaya, the hit comedy The right gems Season 2, and The research group Season 5. It also features the debut of James Gunn’s series. The suicide squad derivative series Peacemaker and Julian Fellowes’ newest period drama Golden age.

Next month will also see the world premiere of the highly anticipated Harry Potter Special Reunion titled Harry’s 20th birthday: return to Hogwarts, with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. 2021 films such as Tammy Faye’s eyes, The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife, Smart, and Reminiscence will also be available for streaming.

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Additions to HBO Max in January 2022

Available January 1

2 pistols, 2013 (HBO)

17 Again, 2009

All Star Superman, 2011

Annabelle Comes Home, 2009

Amityville 3-D, 1983 (HBO)

Amityville II: The Possession, 1982 (HBO)

Barry Munday, 2010 (HBO)

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct, 2015

Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants, 2016

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, 2015

Batman: Soul of the Dragon, 2021

Brother Nature, 2016 (HBO)

Bullitt, 1968

Convertible top, 2005 (HBO)

Chaplin, 1992 (HBO)

A Cinderella Story, 2004

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, 2011

Collision, 2016 (HBO)

Flic Land, 1997 (HBO)

Get Rid of Yourself, 2010

The curse of La Llorona, 2019

Daddy’s Day Camp, 2007

Papa Daycare, 2003

The Black Crystal, 1982

Diary of a Teenage Girl, 2015

Dirty Harry, 1971

Easy A, 2010

Empire of the Sun, 1987

The Executor, 1976

The Exorcist, 1973

Tammy Faye’s Eyes, Premiere (HBO)

The Faculty, 1998 (HBO)

Fast & Furious 6, 2013 (HBO)

Fatal Attraction, 1987 (HBO)

On the Run, 1996 (HBO)

Frozen river, 2008

The Fugitive, 1993

Godzilla: King of the Monsters, 2019

Gone Baby Gone, 2007 (HBO)

Good Neighbors, 2010 (HBO)

The Gospel According to Andrew, 2017 (HBO)

Gravity, 2013

The Green Hornet, 2011

Harlem Nights, 1989 (HBO)

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts, Max Original Premiere

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Houses Tournament Season 1

Here is the Devil, 2012 (HBO)

Hobo with a Shotgun, 2011 (HBO)

John Dies at the End, 2012 (HBO)

Justice Society: World War II, 2021

Kill Gunther, 2017 (HBO)

Kiltro, 2006 (HBO)

Horrible Bosses 2, 2014

The Iron Lady, 2011

The Last Five Years, 2014 (HBO)

Last Night, 2010 (HBO)

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, 2010

The LEGO Batman Movie, 2017

LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters, 2019

LEGO DC Shazam: Magic and Monsters !, 2020

Little Nicky, 2000

Love and basketball, 2000

Force Magnum, 1973

Middle streets, 1973

Remembrance, 2000 (HBO)

The mentalist

Michael Clayton, 2007

Mildred Pierce, 1945

Mimic, 1997 (HBO)

Mimic 2, 2001 (HBO)

Mimic 3: Sentinel, 2003 (HBO)

Then 2007 (HBO)

The nun, 2018

The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976

Paddington 2, 2017

Ananas Express, 2008

The Pirates! Band of Misfits, 2012

Practical magic, 1998

Quigley Down Under, 1990 (HBO)

Racer and the Prisoner, 2017 (HBO)

Roots (Mini Series), 2016

Roots: The Next Generation, 1979

Rumor has it, 2005

Ser Bi (The White Fabrics), 2020

Spare parts, 2015 (HBO)

Steal Harvard, 2002 (HBO)

Sudden Impact, 1983

Sunset Song, 2015 (HBO)

Super fly, 1972

Superdaughter, 2015

Swordfish, 2001

Teen Titans Go! At the cinema, 2018

Thor: Tales From Asgard, 2011 (HBO)

Time to Kill, 1996

The Two Jakes, 1990 (HBO)

Ultraviolet, 2006

Vacation in Las Vegas, 1997

Venus and Serena, 2012 (HBO)

Vixen, 2017

What Happened to Baby Jane ?, 1962

When Harry Met Sally, 1989

Where are the wild things, 2009

Wrong Turn in Tahoe, 2009 (HBO)

The Yellow Birds, 2017 (HBO)

Yes man, 2008

Zookeeper, 2011

Zoom, 2006 (HBO)

Available January 2

Wipeout Season 1 Part A

Available January 4

Impassable Jokers: Jokes Inside (Lot 4)

Snowpiercer Season 2

Available January 5

The Bachelor (XXV)

Available January 7

Algo Azul, 2021 (HBO)

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, 2021 (HBO)

Search Party, Season 5 Premiere of Max Original

Adolescent Euthanasia Season 1

Available January 9

Euphoria, Original Season 2 Premiere (HBO)

The Righteous Gemstones, Original Season 2 Premiere (HBO)

Available January 12

Joe Pera speaks with you season 3

Squidbillies Season 13

Available January 13

Diego, The Last Goodbye (Diego, el último adiós), Max Original Documentary

My Mother, Your Father, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Peacemaker, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Eleven Station, Original Max Season Finale

Available January 14


Available January 15


Available January 16

Someone Somewhere Season Premiere (HBO)

Available January 17

Injustice, 2021

The Murder of Fred Hampton, Documentary

Available January 19

Last microphone open at the end of the world, 2021

Available January 20

Astral Journey (aka Jornada Astral), Season 1 premiere of Max Original

Looney Tunes Cartoons, Season 4 premiere of Max Original

Moses Storm: Trash White, premiere of Max Original

On The Job, Max Original (Mini Series) Season 1 Premiere

Available January 21

Back on the record with Bob Costas, season 2 premiere (HBO)

Chillin’s Island Season Finale (HBO)

Invisibles, 2020 (HBO)

The Last OG Season 4

Real Time with Bill Maher, Season 20 Premiere (HBO)

Available January 24

The Golden Age, Season 1 Premiere (HBO)

Pennyworth, seasons 1 and 2

Available January 25

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, 2022 (HBO)

Available January 27

Bunker, Season 1 premiere of Max Original

The Cut (aka O Grande Look), Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Gomorrah, Max Original Season 5 Premiere

Smart, 2021 (HBO)

Date Lisa Ling, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

Available January 28

The Hangover, Part III, 2013 (HBO)

Available January 29

Remembrance, 2021 (HBO)

Leaving HBO Max in January 2022:

Leaving January 20

HBO First Look: Alley of Nightmares (HBO)

Departure January 31

2 Days in the Valley, 1996 (HBO)

A Walk Amongst Tombstones, 2014 (HBO)

Director’s Cup: Argo, 2012 (HBO)

Flashback, 2021 (HBO)

Extended Versions: Battle for the Planet of the Apes, 1973 (HBO)

Behind Enemy Lines, 1997 (HBO)

Under the Planet of the Apes, 1970 (HBO)

Bio-Dome, 1996 (HBO)

Black Death, 2011 (HBO)

Blue Heart Stroke, 2002 (HBO)

Blue Ruin, 2014 (HBO)

Brubaker, 1980 (HBO)

Carmen and Lola, 2018 (HBO)

Pursuit of the Mavericks, 2012 (HBO)

Extended Versions: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, 1972 (HBO)

Deep Cover, 1992 (HBO)

Desecho, 2017 (HBO)

Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985 (HBO)

Dirty Work, 1998 (HBO)

Unrated version: disaster film, 2008 (HBO)

Eight Men Got Out, 1988 (HBO)

Envy, 2004 (HBO)

Escape the Planet of the Apes, 1971 (HBO)

Ghost in the Machine, 1993 (HBO)

Gun Shy, 2021 (HBO)

Hacksaw Ridge, 2016 (HBO)

Hanged Man, 2021 (HBO)

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, 1991 (HBO)

Heaven Can Wait, 1978 (HBO)

Hercules, 1983 (HBO)

Hitchcock, 2012 (HBO)

Humpday, 2009 (HBO)

Igby Goes Down, 2002 (HBO)

Johnny English Reborn, 2011 (HBO)

Julia, 2009 (HBO)

Kansas, 1988 (HBO)

Laws of Attraction, 2004 (HBO)

Lincoln, 2012 (HBO)

Love and Death, 1975 (HBO)

Man Down, 2021 (HBO)

Married to the Crowd, 1988 (HBO)

Mississippi Burning, 1988 (HBO)

Mystery Date, 1991 (HBO)

Nobody Walks, 2021 (HBO)

No Quiero Ser Tu Hermano, 2019 (HBO)

Planet of the Apes, 1968 (HBO)

Popeye, 1980 (HBO)

Project X, 1987 (HBO)

Punisher: War Zone, 2008 (HBO)

Enraged, 1977 (HBO)

Director’s Cup: Rambo, 2008 (HBO)

Red, 2008 (HBO)

Romance and Cigarettes, 2007 (HBO)

Semi-hard, 1977 (HBO)

Separate Tables, 1958 (HBO)

In Sara’s Service, 2002 (HBO)

Stand And Deliver, 1988 (HBO)

Memories of Stardust, 1980 (HBO)

The Banger Sisters, 2002 (HBO)

The Double, 2014 (HBO)

The Hunt, 2020 (HBO)

The Last of the Best, 1990 (HBO)

The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998 (HBO)

The Out-Of-Towners, 1999 (HBO)

The Prince, 2014 (HBO)

The Punisher, 2004 (HBO)

The Purple Rose of Cairo, 1985 (HBO)

The Partition, 2001 (HBO)

The Square, 2017 (HBO)

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, 2011 (HBO)

Underwater, 2020 (HBO)

Up in the Air, 2009 (HBO)

Dolittle, 2020 (HBO)

Flipper, 1996 (HBO)

He Had a Game, 1998 (HBO)

Snow Dogs, 2002 (HBO)

Call of the Wild, 2019 (HBO)

Cap, 2020 (HBO)

Evelyn X Evelyn, 2020 (HBO)

Flight, 2020 (HBO)

The Fisher King, 1991

The Fisherman, 2020 (HBO)

Wednesday 2020 (HBO)

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