Netflix: 7 best new shows in May 2022 + complete list – “Stranger Things”

Ahead of “Stranger Things” season 4, Netflix is ​​trying to keep subscribers happy with several Mike Myers and the return of three robots, among other arrivals in May.

1. “Stranger Things” Season 4, Volume 1 (available May 27)

Best reason to watch: Summer is blockbuster season, and ‘Stranger Things’ is TV’s biggest blockbuster – at least until the premieres of HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ and Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Premium at the end of the summer. Even with these gargantuan franchises in sight, the Duffer Brothers aren’t giving up the title of TV’s best popcorn program without a fight. Season 4 is split into two volumes, with four or five episodes airing May 27 and the remaining entries debuting July 1. (Netflix hasn’t announced how, exactly, the nine-episode season will be split into two.) Additionally, the creators have promised that Season 4 is almost twice as long as previous seasons, with thousands of VFX shots. spread over more than 800 pages of scripts. No wonder reports claimed Season 4 cost over $270 million to produce. That’s more than the supposed budget of Marvel’s latest “Doctor Strange,” which officially kicks off the summer movie season, and “Stranger Things” offers an additional seven hours of story. So if you want to see what all that money can do, just open your Netflix app at the end of the month. This summer is going to be big for television. Let’s see if the Hawkins kids can get off to a good start.

2. “The G Word with Adam Conover” (available May 19)

Best reason to watch: Produced by Barack and Michelle Obama through their company, Higher Ground Productions, “The G Word” is a six-part comedy documentary series intended to better explain how the US government affects people’s lives. Investigative comedian Adam Conover (“Adam Ruins Everything”) hosts (and is reason enough to watch), but Michael Lewis, whose 2018 book “The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy” adds to the impressive talent that gives life to “The G Word” serves as inspiration for the show. The episodes tackle the impact of the US government on food, weather, money, disease, the future, and change, all in tight, imaginative, and unflinching 30-minute sequences. Making sure government respects the will of its people, all of its people, starts with understanding how government works. “The G Word” hopes to make these lessons a little easier to digest.

“Love, Death and Robots”

Courtesy of Netflix

3. “Love, Death + Robots” Volume 3 (available May 20)

Best reason to watch: A series of animated shorts produced by Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) and David Fincher (“Mindhunter,” “Zodiac”), “Love, Death + Robots” followed a familiar pattern of inconsistency over the two seasons. formally ambitious so far. Each of the first two entries has its standout episodes, and while the greats don’t necessarily outweigh the mediocre ones, anyone curious about the format and intrigued by the anything-can-happen nature of episodic storytelling is probably hoping it will all come together. in place. for Season 3. So are we, as the new episodes “span from the discovery of an ancient evil to a comedic apocalypse.” There’s no word yet on writers, directors, or too many other details on what’s to come, though one episode will take the series into serialized territory, operating as a one-episode sequel to the season 1.

4. “The Lincoln Lawyer” (available May 13)

Best reason to watch: No, it’s not the 2011 film — Matthew McConaughey isn’t involved, and technically the new drama series isn’t even an adaptation of Michael Connelly’s 2005 novel of the same name “The Lincoln Lawyer.” (2022) is actually based on the author’s 2008 sequel, “The Brass Verdict”, and stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (“Goliath”) as Mickey Haller. Developed by Ted Humphrey (“The Good Wife”) and co-written and executive produced by David E. Kelley, the Netflix TV adaptation still focuses on the LA lawyer who loves his Lincoln Town Car enough to get his business out of the way. from the backseat, and Mickey’s idealist is sure to get him in trouble with La La Land’s criminal element. Kelley is a former attorney who broke with legal procedurals like “The Practice” and “LA Law” before branching out into high-profile television with “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing.” Expect “The Lincoln Lawyer” to draw elements from both, as it hopes to make a name for itself among a series of novels, a big movie, and a deluge of TV in general.

The Pentaverate.  (Left to Right) Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough, Lydia West as Reilly Clayton, Mike Meyers as Anthony Landsdowne in The Pentaverate.  cr.  Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Mike Myers, Lydia West and Mike Meyers in “The Pentaverate”

Courtesy of Netflix

5. “The Pentaverate” (available May 5)

Best reason to watch: Considering a) Mike Myers’ post-‘Austin Powers’ track record as a comedy star — ‘The Cat in the Hat,’ ‘The Love Guru,’ those Uber Eats commercials featuring Wayne and Garth — and b) Netflix declined to make screeners available to reviewers before its release, “The Pentaverate” is probably best approached with caution. Myers stars (in one of multiple roles) as a Canadian journalist who uncovers an age-old secret society tasked with protecting the world at all costs. As another threat looms (in addition to their identities being revealed), the less than fearless reporter must uncover the truth and save the planet, all while surrounded by people who seem eerily familiar to him. If you’re a fan of Myers’ character work, maybe give it a try – don’t set the bar too high.

6. “Happy Ends” Seasons 1-3 (leaving May 31st)

Best reason to watch: Do you absolutely have to watch ‘Happy Endings’ before it leaves Netflix at the end of the month? No — not when it’s still available on Hulu and HBO Max. But if Netflix is ​​your primary streaming service (or if you’ve cut other subscriptions as costs rise), the release of David Caspe’s short-lived but brilliantly executed comedy is a great reminder to a) re-examine your budget and make sure you’re getting the most out of what you want from the services you keep, b) start rotating subscriptions rather than sticking with one service month after month, year after year, and c) invest in physical media. (And if swapping out DVD discs every few hours is too much to bear, you can also purchase the episodes through iTunes or your favorite digital hub.) Plus, there’s literally never a bad time to watch.” Happy Endings,” so that might just be your last excuse to dive back in.

7. “Downton Abbey” Seasons 1-6 (leaving May 31st)

Best reason to watch: While this isn’t an emergency either – ‘Downton Abbey’ seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Peacock Premium – it’s worth noting that the original TV series will be leaving Netflix less than two weeks later. the theatrical release of the second film. So if you hustle the seasons to get ready for the new movie, you’ll be fine, but If you’re watching the new movie and have the sudden urge to revisit the rich history of the Crawley family, you should know there’s a countdown. Unless you have other subscriptions, in which case, again, you’ll be fine.

The rest of incoming TV

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” (coming soon)
“Are you the chosen one?” Season 6 (available May 1)
“Blippi Wonders” Season 1 (available May 1)
“Octonauts: Above & Beyond” (available May 2)
“The Circle” Season 4 (available May 4)
“El marginal” Season 5 (available May 4)
“Summertime” Season 3 (available May 4)
“Blood Sisters” (available May 5)
“Clark” (available May 5)
“Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go” Season 1 (available May 5)
“The Sound of Magic” (available May 6)
“Welcome to Eden” (available May 6)
“Workin’ Moms” Season 6 (available May 10)
“42 Days of Darkness” (available May 10)
“Outlander” Season 10 (available May 10)
“Brotherhood” Season 2 (available May 10)
“Wild Beauty” (available May 12)
“Bling Empire” Season 2 (available May 13)
“New Heights” (available May 13)
“PJ Masks” Season 4 (available May 15)
“Servant of the People” Seasons 2-3 (Available May 16)
“The Future Diary” Season 2 (available May 17)
“Love on the Spectrum US” (available May 18)
“Who killed Sara? Season 3 (available May 18)
“Insiders” Season 2 (available May 19)
“Wrong Side of the Tracks” (available May 20)
“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” Season 2 (available May 23)
“Somebody Feed Phil” Season 5 (available May 25)
“Insiders” Season 2 (available May 26)
“Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series” Part 3 (available May 26)
“Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Season 2 (Available May 31)
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Season 1 (available May 31)

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