Nachindi Girl Friendu movie review and rating

Nachindi Girl Friendu with Uday Shankar and Jennifer Emmanuel as the lead couple under the direction of Guru Pawan was released for the public today. Let’s see how it goes.

Story: Set against the backdrop of Vizag, the film revolves around Raja (Uday Shankar), an easy-going guy. During his occasional road trip, Raja meets Sandy (Jennifer Emmanuel) and impresses her with his crazy activities. Later, Sandy attends a meeting and comes out as a completely changed person with a new boyfriend. All of a sudden why does Sandy change his attitude? Is there a story behind it? How will Raja react to Sandy’s behavior? How does the Indian stock market thread relate to the whole setup? To find out, you have to go see the film in nearby cinemas.

Performances: Uday Shankar has improved a lot in terms of body transformation and acting. Apart from impressive dance moves in two songs, Uday performed decently in the given lead role. His dialogue and emotional acting during the climactic parts bring depth to the proceedings.

The heroine Jennifer Emmanuel is glamorous on screen and gave a decent performance in her determined role. Srikanth Iyengar does well in his key cameo.

The actor Madhunandan is not used properly because his role as the hero’s friend goes unnoticed. Kannada actor Saurav Lokesh is impressive with his screen presence as the main antagonist. The other supporting artists who played key roles are doing well in their respective roles.

Technicalities: The music of Elaine Giftos is correct since two songs are audible on the screen. Its background score works in parts. Siddam Manohar’s photography is very good as he presented the seaside town of Vizag in a beautiful way. Editing by Sagar Udagandla is correct.

Although the production values ​​of Atluri Narayana Rao’s banner are good, other departments such as costumes and sound mixing have done their respective jobs decently.

Analysis: Written and directed by Guru Pawan, Nachindi Girl Friendu is a youthful love drama that deals with a stock market issue. While Guru’s ideas on paper are good, his execution lacks a punchy presentation.

The key point of the film will only be revealed during the last twenty minutes instead if the set up was done from the beginning itself, the result would have been much better. To sum it up, Nachindi Girl Friendu is a lovingly wrapped serious drama that struggles with poor writing and flat processing. Had the film been handled with an effective script, things would have been even better.

Verdict: Good concept bad execution!

Rating: 2/5

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