NAB laid off 25 officials in four years, data shows


ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has launched 174 investigations against its own officials and fired 25 of them during the four-year tenure of the current chairman of the anti-corruption body, its data reveals.

It shows that the NAB sued 174 of its employees for misconduct under the General Conditions of Service for Employees (TCS 2002). It took disciplinary action against its 11 agents and seven officials. When asked, an NAB source said that an employee who is an officer at grade 17 or above is an officer while lower grades are referred to as civil servants.

An NAB official told this correspondent that the office believed in self-responsibility and laid off 25 of its own employees during the 2017-2020 period during the presidency of Justice (ret’d) Javed Iqbal.

The data shows that 174 disciplinary cases have been finalized and some are being processed in its regional offices. The document available with The News shows the categories, major penalties, minor penalties, exonerated, cautions and pending, under which lawsuits have been brought against NAB employees.

Karachi NAB initiated most lawsuits against its employees in 2017

until 2020. He gave 29 warnings to his officials, seven were exonerated and two charged with major penalties while nine were sentenced to minor penalties. Twenty-one cases are ongoing in Karachi. The NAB headquarters in the federal capital have filed 18 lawsuits against its employees. Nine of them have been charged with minor sentences while one has been exonerated and one case is pending.

Lahore NAB Lahore sued 20 employees. Two were charged with major penalties and eight with minor penalties, while seven officials were cleared, one was warned and two cases are still pending.

Multan’s office sued 19 employees. Seven cases are still pending while seven have been notified, two have been exonerated, nine charged with minor sentences and two with major sentences, according to the data.

Balochistan’s NAB has filed 12 lawsuits against its workers, including two major penalties, four minor penalties, one official was exonerated, two warnings issued and three cases are still pending.

NAB Sukkur sued seven employees. Four minor penalties were imposed while three officials were exonerated. The Rawalpindi agency initiated eight cases. Three NAB officials were charged with minor penalties while five were warned.

At the KP, disciplinary action was taken against 24 NAB employees.

Four officials have been exonerated while six have been charged with heavy penalties, nine have been warned and five cases are pending.

At least 25 officials working in the NAB across Pakistan were exonerated by the office itself between 2017 and 2020. While 11 officials were charged with severe penalties and 41 with minor penalties, 52 warnings were issued and 45 cases against officials are still ongoing.

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