Ms. Marvel Trailer Shows Off More Of Kamala’s Cosmic Powers

Marvel releases a new teaser for the upcoming Disney+ Ms. Marvel series, showing off more of the cosmic powers Kamala Khan gets from her magic armband.

A brand new Ms. Marvel trailer shows off more of her cosmic powers. Ms. Marvel will be the second Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe series to feature an all-new main hero after Moon Knight, which recently premiered on the streaming platform. It will be released a little over a month later. Moon Knight ends (which will be the same week Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres, the first MCU film of 2022), on June 8, 2022. Once the character is introduced, she is also expected to team up with Captain Marvel in her 2023 sequel film. Wonders directed by Nia DaCosta.

Ms. Marvel is the superhero mantle taken on by teenage Kamala Khan who often dreams of being a superhero. She has the opportunity to live her dreams (and realize how often reality is a nightmare) when she discovers a magical armband that allows her to channel cosmic energy. Kamala is played by newcomer Iman Vellani, with the rest of the cast consisting of Aramis Knight, Saagar Shaikh, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur and Matt Lintz as Kamala’s best friend Bruno Carrelli.


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marvel studios shared a brand new spot for Ms. Marvel. Although the clip is only 30 seconds long, it contains new footage showing off Kamala’s new cosmic powers. Although the clips are only brief glimpses of her using her power, Kamala can be seen using her cosmic gifts to close her bedroom door to her intruding father, leaping into the air from platforms cosmic and running at top speed twenty feet off the ground while reflected in the windows of a skyscraper. Watch the video below:

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The comic book version of Kamala Khan gets her powers because she has the Inhuman gene rather than from an outside source. This change in backstory has given rise to many theories about how these bracers came into being and how they relate to the MCU as a whole. They are aesthetically similar to the ten rings wielded by new Phase 4 hero Shang-Chi, though it’s also possible they could have resulted from technology brought to Earth by the Eternals, specifically the tech wizard Phastos. played by Brian Tyree Henry.

Marketing materials for Ms. Marvel avoided revealing too much about the extent of the new hero’s powers or just what the show is about. It’s clear that the series will explore Kamala’s life as a teenager and her obsession with superheroes, but other than that, it’s unclear how she gets her powers and exactly who she’ll be up against in the upcoming series. It’s probably because they want audiences to experience Kamala’s powers and all the other twists and turns right next to the character. Considering the ways in which Ms. Marvel has already diverged from the comics, there are likely plenty of surprises in store when the show finally premieres this summer.

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