Movie World Cemetery Smoking Area Goes Viral on TikTok | Video

Movie World has been praised for a “hilarious” detail spotted in one of the park’s designated smoking areas.

TikTok user Kate Barker has uploaded a video from the Queensland theme park after discovering very sharp decorations surrounding the smoking area.

‘Australia has quite aggressive anti-smoking adverts on all cigarette products,’ Ms Barker wrote on the video, which showed her approaching the smoking area.

“But the designated smoking area at Movie World takes the cake! Made me giggle all the way home!

The video then pans to show each side of the area decorated with dozens of tombstones.

A sign above the garden read “Boot Hill”, the name given to many cemeteries in western North America.

The term alludes to the fact that many of its occupants were cowboys who “died with their boots on”, the term becoming common throughout the Wild West.

“It must have been effective because I haven’t seen a single smoker all day!” Ms Barker captioned the video.

A sign next to the area read: “Designated Smoking Area. No food or drink should be brought or consumed in this designated smoking area. Thanks.”

The video, uploaded on Monday, has been viewed more than 327,000 times and prompted thousands of comments from people praising the brazen move.

However, a spokesperson for Village Roadshow, which operates Warner Bros. Movie World, says the smoking area’s proximity to the cemetery is no more than a coincidence.

“We have two designated smoking areas at Warner Bros Movie World and these have been placed in locations within the park that meet the requirements set out by Queensland Government legislation, including being away from food and drink establishments and buildings,” the spokesperson said.

“One of the designated smoking areas is within the grounds of Wild West Falls, which is heavily themed and coincidentally features a graveyard.”

However, that hasn’t deterred people from renting the theme park.

“HAHAHAHA I was at Movie World this year and thought the same thing. What a sense of humor,” one person wrote on the video.

“This is really hilarious,” said another.

One of them added: “OMG YES! It must be everywhere.

Even smokers laughed at the decorations, with many saying they had been there before and never noticed.

“As a smoker, this frankly cracked me up,” one person said.

“Literally, I went there recently to smoke in the smoking area and never paid attention except for the ride. This is great,” said another.

Another claimed the decorations were “ineffective” as they had been to that exact spot before and never noticed the headstones.

Australia is known for its strict anti-tobacco laws, including an excise duty on tobacco products, bans on tobacco advertising, plain packaging laws, laws on smoking in public and smoking limits. age on who can buy tobacco.

Earlier this year, Queenslanders were asked to have their say on a new government proposal that would ban smokers and e-cigarette users from drinking in designated smoking areas.

The proposal, which was announced on World Tobacco Day on May 31, highlights renewed pressure for new smoking bans in markets and school car parks.

The new measures also include banning workers under 18 from selling smoking products and children under 18 from entering outdoor smoking areas.

Other key proposals include creating a licensing system for tobacco retailers and wholesalers and moving vending machines out of public view and behind the counter of pubs and clubs.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the proposed restrictions would further discourage residents from lighting up in one of the toughest states on smoking in the world.

“We want to hear from Queenslanders, including small businesses, and will move our reform package forward based on feedback on our regulatory impact statement for introduction to Queensland’s parliament,” she said.

“Over the past 20 years we have seen smoking rates halve in Queensland, but there is still work to be done.

“Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in Queensland.”

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