McKinsey report shows how toilet paper habits have changed


Who can forget the big rush for toilet paper during the onset of the pandemic? Every store you went to seemed to have completely empty aisles that normally had rolls of toilet paper. For some reason, as a deadly virus raged on, people seemed genuinely concerned that they wouldn’t be able to wipe their buttocks.

But as the 2020 PT rush has subsided and tissues are now easy to find, the pandemic has changed the way people buy and consume toilet paper, according to a report by McKinsey & Company.

The first change is where we buy toilet paper. In 2020, the points of sale where we buy TP have undergone radical changes. Mixed retailers (think Target or Walmart) saw their overall share of toilet paper purchases drop nearly 20% year-over-year, while grocery stores saw a 20% increase year-over-year . But the real winner? E-commerce sites saw their toilet paper sales increase 47% year-on-year as people changed their buying behavior to buy online.

Moreover, where we used toilet paper has also changed dramatically. As blockages persisted and the world shifted to a remote workforce where possible, home toilet paper consumption skyrocketed as people stayed away from offices, cafes and schools. Since we were all at home a lot more than usual, it also became the place where we spent most of our time wiping off each other.

McKinsey sees many of these pandemic-related changes to persist to some extent for years to come, and so the toilet tissue industry (and other manufacturers of paper products) will need to adapt. As a result, the company said bathroom tissue makers will shift to more user-friendly packaging for online sales, including package size “such as packaging that is more ready to ship to ensure that paper products can be shipped. without the need for secondary packaging “.

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