Matt Bowen shows how Bengals can exploit Raiders cover 3

Football is about confrontations and the exploitation of these confrontations. Bring your best players against your opponent’s weaker players to gain an advantage or how your players can better beat an opponent’s cover. And in the case of this week’s Bengals-Raiders game, the ESPN NFL game shows one way the Bengals can enjoy the Vegas high school.

ESPN’s Matt Bowen gives a great look at how the Bengals offense can attack Raiders Cover 3.

As Bowen alludes, movement and playing action are key to freezing defenders and freeing receivers. In the first game, the Bengals move RB Joe Mixon to the sole receiver’s side and now safety has to move with him since he has a flat responsibility. This opens up the area behind the defender and allows Ja’Marr Chase to find the weak spot in the area, which has now widened from movement and Burrow easily hits Chase on the oblique road as the middle linebacker focuses. on the group. .

In the second game we focus on the playing action, which completely freezes the curl / flat defender from the side of the field and now Tee Higgins is one-on-one with the cornerback and does a great job selling the road before curling. return about 20 meters downstream. Because the curl defender was late to get to the apartment, Higgins has all the room in the world thanks to the sale of the vertical lane and the pressure inside and alignment inside the numbers. .

And all that against Cleveland, with strong players in defense and in the secondary. Much better than what Cincinnati will see on Sunday against the Raiders. This game should be quite interesting to watch on Sunday.

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