Marvel’s Kevin Feige says putting a superhero in a movie is not a “cheat code for success”

Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige has said that putting a superhero in a movie is not a “cheat code” to be successful. Some moviegoers still debate this Spider-Man: No Path HomeThe box office success says a lot about the state of theaters. Well, it would be easy to watch that kind of massive box office and say it’s totally because of the hero and his massive fan base. But, Feige and viewers believe that No way home It did so well because of the story and the emotion that deepened over 20 years. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, executive, series star Tom Holland and other Sony brass discuss the idea of ​​an Oscar for the biggest movie of the year. A lot of people have come to accept that no superhero movie will claim the best picture award. But, everyone cited for the article is wondering why. Feige has personally overseen tons of these projects over the course of his career. Not all of them end up being smashes, no matter what heroes you come up with.

“Making a commercial film that can say something and mean something to many types of people around the world is extremely difficult to do and, I think, is often seen as easy,” Feige asked. “‘Well, you’ve got a superhero in it, and that’s a cheat code to be successful.’ It’s not. Putting on a costume isn’t the secret. The secret is having artists, storytellers and craftspeople who can take an audience on a journey. The public recognizes it, it seems worth talking about the Academy recognizes it. And that’s, I think, what we’ll continue to talk about over the next few weeks. “

In the same post, the head of Marvel Studios talks about some of the downsides the genre faces on the rewards circuit.

“I think these two types of films deserve to be recognized.” Feige thinks about it. It’s a Well thing when people are in a theater and they stand up and clap. It’s a Well thing when people wipe away tears because they think back to their last 20 years in the cinema and what it meant to them. It is, for me, a very good thing – the kind of thing the Academy was founded, at the time, to recognize. “

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