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By MARTI MENDENHALL // Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast Season 1 Cookbook comes out on Sunday, November 21 with a post event.

I am a creative. (What?) Hard to believe, right? I got this from my parents, Mr. Art Teacher and Ms. Music Teacher. My mother is even a painter now. Continue to evolve and create at 85! I can’t say I’m a painter, but I went through my scrapbooking years, making every page a work of art. I create music and I sing too. Not to mention the creation in the kitchen. So I think that qualifies me as a creator in a way.

I am also a people lover. Don’t get me wrong, I still need some downtime. But I feed off interesting conversations. The best part about sharing any table is the conversation. OK – and the food – and maybe some wine too.

That’s why I started my food and creative people podcast. It fulfilled my deep and creative desire for new experiences. Food and creativity are the common thread and it runs through the fabric of my life. I think you could say that the podcast is a reflection of me, my passion for people and the great conversation and my appetite for this wonderful experience of walking into a kitchen with the smells of deliciousness sinking into me. , becoming like a seductive mermaid song.

Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast Season 1 cookbook will be released next Sunday. After almost two years of development, I was finally able to hold the prototype in my hands just a few weeks ago. It was lighter than I expected. I thought to myself, “How can a 52 page book with so much content be so light?” “

But then I opened it and the magic happened. It was as if music was coming out of the pages and the memories brought back so much JOY. I could not believe it ! There it was FINALLY! This piece of my past, brought to life in the present.

Each page is colorful! Some photos go off the page. I love the interactive links to each person, the videos and I can even scan the QR code (or click on the link) to listen to the podcast and relive the experience again. I had no idea that my editor, Joni DeRouchie, would take my ideas and express them so perfectly on paper.

I have probably read the book twenty times since then. (Yes. There have been several revisions.) I think I fell in love with this cookbook! Maybe writing cookbooks is my thing? I am incredibly grateful to have these experiences and to be able to share them with you.

I am also very proud that the sale of the book can help other people. I was thinking of the cookbook coming out so close to Thanksgiving and wanted to partner with an organization that would help other people in the food business. It goes with a cookbook, right? I was familiar with Birch Community Services through my work with the Shriners organization. They help people in economic distress by providing them with access to food and providing them with financial education to help them budget and get out of debt for good. My heart SHINES knowing that we are now partners in helping others. It’s a big virtual hug for these people I love so much.

I woke up this morning with a song in my head. These were the two hymns my extended family used to sing at every big gathering. We were around my grandmother’s table in Hood River, Oregon, and the notes echoed in this kitchen. We are a musical family. Thus, the hymns began in unison, then harmonized in the second measure. We’ve always sung two, back to back, and I think I have a recording of all of us, in our twenties, singing together in a unique and wonderful harmony.

This is what this cookbook looks like. All these songs, photos, links, video conversations and podcast …. So many ingredients that come together in perfect harmony. You open the cover of the cookbook and you love it!

At the Sunday Online Launch Party, my goal is to give you a taste of how much fun this cookbook is. We will hear the stories of some of the thousands of people Birch Community Services has helped in such a positive way. We’ll have a lot of fun with performances and interviews from some of the season 1 guests including LaRhonda Steel, The Colin Trio, Arietta Ward and John Dover!

This cookbook? A dream come true, and I smile. I hope you will be too.

Night out and fundraising

Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast Season 1 Cookbook

Fundraising for Birch Community Services

Sunday November 21, 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. online at

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