Map shows the best Valentine’s Day candy by state

Nevada’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy is a heart-shaped box of chocolates, according to

The website released its updated interactive map on Monday, with data outlining the best Valentine’s Day candies in each state. According to a statement from, the map was compiled using data from its “online bulk candy store and industry partners” over the past 14 years.


According to the card, Nevada’s three favorite candies for the holidays this year are the heart-shaped box of chocolates, conversation hearts and chocolate roses.

National Valentine’s Day spending fell about 20% last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the company’s statement, which cites data from the National Retail Federation. This year, the NRF said it expects Americans to spend nearly $24 billion on Valentine’s Day, with 53% of the country planning to celebrate, up from 52% last year.

According to, Americans typically buy 58 million pounds of chocolate during the week surrounding Valentine’s Day. The release adds that the maximum sales period for Conversation Hearts is only six weeks, but it takes makers 11 months to make enough candy to meet demand in those six weeks.

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