League Cup (and Burnley’s) reschedule shows Sky only cares about viewing numbers

“We care about the fans,” they all shouted after the empty stadiums and the European Super League saga.

The authorities care so much that they change the game in the short term for no justifiable reason (no, having 5 or 6 players with Covid with teams of 50+ is not justifiable).

Liverpool have arrived safely and tonight’s game against us is canceled.

VICTORY have said some Liverpool fans on social media. They were not to have had tickets for the match as it was certainly not a victory for Liverpool fans who booked trains and hotels for a Thursday night game in the first working week of the year .

The Covid suspensions have highlighted the difference between those that go to games and those that treat football like a TV show.

While those at home celebrate the cancellation of games as it gives “their” team a better chance of winning; Match fans should count the cost in their back pocket.

And by the time the postponement of the Arsenal game against Liverpool was bad enough, the lack of thought that went into his rescheduling shows that the authorities really don’t care about the fans.

Moving the game to Thursday, January 20 would have meant Arsenal would play Thursday and Saturday.

Anyone with a brain would have hosted the game on Wednesday. But oh no, Sky broadcasts league games on these days.

The Football League would not want a clash between their own competitions. Sky either. So it’s Thursday.

As a result, Arsenal v Burnley are moved to Sunday.

But who will compensate Burnley fans who had bought trains (and possibly hotels) for a Saturday game whose date was finalized a few months ago.

From now on, not only fans of Liverpool (and some of Arsenal) will be out of pocket; Burnley and other Arsenal fans will be.

With 18 days’ notice, Sky, the Football League and the Premier League have made decisions that maximize their income at the expense of match fans.

Will these Burnley, Arsenal or Liverpool fans be compensated? Do not be dumb.

Just more greed in football …


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