James Gunn wanted to make a cannibalistic film on GILLIGAN Island


It seems like every classic ’60s TV show at this point has had some kind of reboot. Either on the big screen or in a new TV series. There are

The bewitched Brady Bunch leaves the beaver, the Addams family,

and of course,

Star Trek

. The list is long. But a show that never received the restart treatment is

Gilligan Island

. But we almost had a horror version in the late ’90s, from writer / director James Gunn.

Thanks to


, we learned that over twenty years ago, Gunn actually had a really wild pitch for a

Gilligan Island

restart of the film. The one that involved the world famous castaways resorting to cannibalism when a rescue of the

SS Minnow

passengers never happens. And he would have done it with none other than Charlie Kaufman. He told the whole story via his Twitter.

What’s really crazy about this story is that Warner Bros. was totally ashore for a version of the classic show where the skipper tries to eat his “boyfriend”. But Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the original series, stopped Gunn in his tracks. Schwartz, a type of guy renowned for his straightforward style, once bristled at the tongue-in-cheek innuendos of

Brady Bunch’s movie

. So there was no way he would approve of a movie where Mary Ann tries to kill and eat ginger.

Warner Bros. Television

After the death of Schwartz and after the success of

guardians of the galaxy

, Gunn thought maybe there was a gunshot. But alas, the Schwartz estate assured that this would not happen. We will just say this. A cannibal

Gilligan Island

is more convincing than

Gilligan’s planet

, where the castaways try to leave the island but end up in space. Yes, it was a real Saturday morning cartoon that aired. Hope someone at some point lets Gunn do the

Cannibal holocaust

version of

Gilligan Island

, because we kind of want to see it.

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