Is the movie Dog coming to Amazon?

Dog the film is currently in theaters. This is definitely a movie for fans of Channing Tatum and dog movies in general. Where will it stream online after the theatrical release?

We are more than ready for Dog movie. It’s a heartfelt story, and who doesn’t love a movie that involves man’s best friend?

You’ve probably seen it in the cinema before. Otherwise, you might just be waiting for it to hit a streaming platform. The big question is which platform it will be.

The Dog Movie is set to arrive on Prime Video

There’s good news for Prime Video subscribers. The film is an MGM production. MGM was recently acquired by Amazon, which means all movies should eventually head to Prime Video for streaming. It will be the first streaming home.

This is where there is a bit of bad news. It usually takes around 12 months for movies to hit the streaming platform. That means we could be looking at February 2023 for this movie to arrive.

It’s hard to say now. We are still looking for when The Addams Family 2 will be heading to Prime Video to get a sense of what the new deal with MGM means.

Get the movie Dog on Amazon Video

If you just can’t wait for the movie to hit streaming, you’ll be glad to know it’s getting a digital release. This means you can purchase the movie from Amazon Instant Video. You pay once and the movie will be added to your Amazon library to watch as often as you like.

There is no date set for this yet. We’ve made some predictions, but we’ll keep an eye on the actual plan for the digital release.

Dog movie is currently available to watch in theaters.

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