HSE data shows 15 Covid outbreaks in schools last week


New data shows that 28 outbreaks have been recorded in schools since testing and screening of asymptomatic children was stopped last month, up from 179 in the previous three weeks.

Figures released by the HSE show 15 outbreaks were recorded in schools by public health teams across the country last week. This compares to three the week before and 10 in week 39, where data collection ended on October 2.

Between September 5 and 25, 179 outbreaks were recorded. On Monday, September 27, automatic contact tracing for asymptomatic cases of children ceased.

School homes registered by the HSE since September 26 concerned 140 cases. In the previous three weeks, more than 900 cases were linked to 179 outbreaks in schools.

The 15 new outbreaks reported in schools last week involved 80 confirmed linked cases. This included six outbreaks in primary schools, seven in special education schools, one in a post-primary school, and one in an unspecified school.

At least one school outbreak was recorded by every public health department in the last week except HSE Public Health South East.

Ten homes in nurseries were also recorded last week. This compares to two the week before and 22 the week ending October 2.

Last week, 34 more outbreaks were recorded at workplaces, involving 120 confirmed linked cases. This includes seven in food production and processing, three in construction, one in meat production and processing, 20 in other types of workplaces, and three in unspecified workplaces.

Last week, 11 new nursing home outbreaks were also reported with 108 linked confirmed cases.

There were also 13 new acute hospital outbreaks reported with 86 linked confirmed cases, and 10 new residential facility outbreaks reported with 50 linked confirmed cases. All 10 outbreaks occurred in centers for people with disabilities.

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