How to Automatically Mute Music on Android and iPhone

There are a thousand tricks to sleep better. Some people listen to the radio while lying in bed. Others prefer to listen to podcasts or their favorite music… But when you fall asleep, playback continues to drain your phone’s battery. And, perhaps, also disturb your neighbors or the people who live with you. But fortunately, there are ways to stop reading automatically or turn off your music at a specific time. At this hour when you have surely already fallen asleep.

It doesn’t matter if you have a iPhone or one android call. You can listen to your favorite songs no problem and When the time comes If you wish, the reading stops automatically so that you can continue to sleep while your smartphone is at rest. You can also use it at any time of the day and even use it as a memory aid. for an appointment or a meeting.

On your iPhone, you can mute the music automatically using the app The clock of the operating system. And on your Android, it will depend on the app you are using to play the songs. Some, like Spotify, have their own automatic shutdown. In any case, let’s see how to perform this task in the most common situations.

Stop Playing Automatically on iPhone

Let’s start with iOS, your iPhone’s operating system. let’s put that you listen to songs on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube, or podcasts on Podcasts, iVoox or other apps. The fact is that at a specific moment, you want turn off the music and the phone stops ringing what you are listening to.

To make this possible, we will activate the function stop reading What will you find in the The clock from your iPhone. It is one of the default apps, so you will find it easily. Once inside the The clockclick on timer and choose a period. There you can choose the desired hours, minutes and seconds.

Finally, you can choose if, at the end of this period, you want one of the official sounds of your iPhone to play or, in this case, disable the music with the option stop reading. Try it before in case by setting a few seconds. And don’t forget to click Begin to start the countdown. If you do not activate this countdown, the playback will never stop and the music will continue to play.

Sleep Timer for Android helps you turn off music on your phone

Turn off music on Android

On Android, at the moment, there is no official way to turn off music while playing. But when there is no official solution, there is always third-party apps to remedy.

In Spotify, for example, you can configure an automatic shutdown in the application itself. Also available in Amazon Music and in some media players if you prefer to listen to songs saved on your phone.

But if you want stop all reading whatever app the music is coming from, it’s easy with the app sleep timer. Free, with advertisements and available on Google Play to download. The app itself, in its description, tells us what it is for: “it allows you to fall asleep listen to your favorite music. Play the music you want and set the timer. At the end of the countdown, (…) gradually lower the music until it stops.”

In Google Play, there are several apps to turn off your music and stop playback whenever you want

So we just install sleep timer and we choose between 10, 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes of countdown. Once enabled, playback will continue without issue. At the end of this countdown, the music will stop.

Among its peculiarities we find the possibility of turning off the music lower the volume slowly. It also allows you to pause playback at once, turn off WiFi, disconnect Bluetooth, activate silent mode and/or return to the home screen when the timer runs out. capable custom actions to close specific applications.

Yes sleep timer is not what you want, in Google Play you will find other similar applications, such as Sleep timer (music and screen off) That is Sleep timer for Spotify and music. Both are free with ads and are used to turn off the music at a certain time. But they are also used to disconnect WiFi and/or Bluetooth from your phone, activate silent mode, etc.

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