Here’s how the new Buzz Lightyear movie will compare to the original

We’ve all heard of the Light year movie now. Set for release on June 17, 2022, this ambitious (and so far gorgeous!) Animated feature we know Buzz Lightyear as an intergalactic hothead, goofy but stubborn team leader and, more importantly, a sensitive children’s toy. On four feature films Toy story movies and Lord knows how many Pixar shorts, Lightyear is well established as a fiercely loyal and caring character who will stop at nothing to make sure his friends stay happy and safe. It is the heart of his character, tenacious, courageous and always fighting for what is right. These traits are no doubt going to be reflected in Lightyear’s own movie, and maybe seeing them on the big screen is what inspired a young Andy to want a Buzz Lightyear action figure so badly in. Toy story.


According to director Angus MacLane, Light year is an in-universe movie about the Buzz Lightyear character “Andy Could’ve Seen”. A single-action sci-fi franchise that likely spawned the toy embodiment of the Buzz we already know and love. In this new movie, everything Buzz once believed about himself may be true: he may be a space ranger, he could Actually save mission logs for Star Command, the safety of the universe may even be in his hands. An exciting concept, but not really original. In fact, over 20 years ago a simple, action-packed Buzz Lightyear sci-fi movie came out for home video – and it’s an absolute blast.

Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear: A Surprisingly Awesome Standalone Story


You won’t find this movie on Disney + at the time of writing, but that could change in the future. For now, if you can get your hands on a copy, we strongly recommend that you give it a watch. The first scene even features the full set of Toy Story characters, animated in all their 3D glory, gathering around the TV to watch a VCR from the new Buzz Lightyear movie. An effective and satisfying meta-way of explaining how this ties into the Toy Story universe – and we didn’t need to interview a single director!

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Following this opening, Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear: The Adventure Begins is all the action from the start. We see the eponymous space ranger and his partner, Warp Darkmatter, in the sticks on an uncharted moon. They are looking for three missing LGMs (Little Green Men (yes, those that say “The Claaaaw”)). The couple have charming and unique chemistry, they easily take down a giant slag monster while naturally joking back and forth. However, things take a dark turn when our duo uncover a hidden base in which Emperor Zurg imprisons and tortures the Little Green Men. This is made worse by the fact that the entire LGM species feels each other’s pain through “the one-mind,” a centralized neural network that connects every little green man. Zurg establishes his base to self-destruct as Buzz and Warp save the LGMs, and in a heart-wrenching twist of fate, Buzz’s beloved partner is trapped under the rubble, and Buzz is forced to leave him behind, watching in horror. the entire lunar crater collapses and explodes. Quite brutal.

Star Command Buzz Lightyear

These details become the center of the plot. Zurg is determined to steal and arm the Uni-Spirit while Buzz swears never to work with a partner again for fear of endangering him. We are introduced to the vibrant and expansive world of Star Command, meeting the promising young ranger, Mira Nova, an experimental AI robot called “XR,” and a goofy janitor with aspirations for space travel and glory. Nova is a very competent, driven, and resourceful female counterpart to the older, more stubborn Lightyear, while also serving as a reflection of her ambitious young self. Meanwhile, Zurg has concocted a new lackey, “Agent Z,” whose first task is to burn down LGM villages with a flamethrower while Zurg and his army of robots steal the uni-spirit, throwing down LGMs and the Star Command in total disarray. Only Lightyear and his unlikely accomplices can save Star Command and restore balance in a universe rapidly invaded by pure evil and pervading the mind. For a direct-to-video film from the year 2000, this film packs a hell of a punch and is epic in scale.

Little Green Men, Emperor Zurg, and high-level sci-fi action?

Lightning Questions

There’s a lot of it in the original Buzz Lightyear movie, but it also doesn’t bother explaining every little detail. Star Command is our base of operations, but it’s a space station, and it’s worth noting that we never see or hear from Earth. While there are some poignant emotional moments, the film also doesn’t spend much time questioning or developing its characters. Even the Buzz Lightyear arc is just him learning to work as a team instead of insisting on being alone, which isn’t bad at all, it’s convincing, but you could call it painting. emotional by numbers. The film is more focused on high octane sci-fi action.

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What about next summer Light year, then? Disney and Pixar are highly revered, especially in recent years, as storytellers who don’t pull their emotional punches. A recent trailer offered a melancholy first glimpse of Light year; the music was ethereal and sparse, the tone was very serious, a Lightyear T-shirt did a lot of looking at its reflection and exhaling. Does this reboot have to sacrifice some of its color and joy to reach new emotional heights? Will Disney have to abandon the alien litany in favor of a more grounded human history? Or, the longer runtime of this new movie and many bigger budget allow him to have both? From the small clips of footage we’ve seen so far, it’s possible we’re being graced with an epic and conceptual sci-fi extravaganza that also explores the motivations and challenges faced by humans himself. same, this central figure who cares for everyone and always wants to do the right thing.

Everything the new trailer teases – and everything else we hope to see

the Light year the trailer takes us off the planet. It’s safe to assume we’re on Earth, seeing breathable air, people walking around, and a large-scale operation that appears to be both military and scientific. It’s hard to say how far this movie is set in the future, although Buzz hovering over the surface of the sun certainly suggests some major advancements in space travel.

Very little is revealed about the plot, but we certainly have a feeling that an important mission is ahead. Useful Bots are back, taking inspiration from the original, as well as what looks like a top-tier new lady to play partners with Lightyear! The words “Property of Star Command” are printed on Lightyear’s t-shirt, so they’re definitely back as an organization, although no sign of a giant space station just yet. We saw lightning bolts of the iconographic green and purple costume, and one particularly disturbing shot shows a costumed Lightyear walking toward the menacing metal doors of a spaceship, flanked by robots that bear a striking resemblance to Zurg’s evil army. the 2D era.

L'Éclair on foot

So far, it looks promising. Perhaps Zurg will become a fierce and ruthless tyrant, and perhaps we will have time to explore how this cruelty affects and changes our morally motivated hero. One final note: Only one shot in the trailer shows terrain that doesn’t look exactly … Earthy. Buzz and a loyal robot sidekick nervously raise their heads to a mossy boulder and eagerly gaze at an empty, hazy scene.

Who will come out of his hiding place, or walk in the frame from the left? For our money, it could be a little green guy.


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