Hedkandi visits London and Newcastle to celebrate 20th anniversary


HEDKANDI is one of the most beloved house music brands of all time, at the height of its popularity, hosting parties around the world and reaching millions of people with its iconic mix and compilation CD series.

For years, Hedkandi has dominated the soul soul and disco scene in the UK and beyond, and anyone who was clubbed in the 2000s and beyond will have fond memories of their legendary nights.

After a period of slumber for the brand, in 2019, founder Mark Doyle joined Hedkandi to organize the 20th anniversary events. Following a string of successful parties, 2020 saw Mark exclusively lead the Hedkandi event brand presenting the weekly Hedkandi radio show and successfully introduce live broadcasts to exotic locations to entertain fans during lockdowns from the pandemic of 2020 coronavirus.


Marc Doyle

The shows take place at Digital, Newcastle (October 24) and Cargo, London (November 13). Both are one-day parties that will bring you back to the feeling of the original Hedkandi in Pasha events with truly top-notch production, amazing music and unparalleled atmosphere.

Our friends at The Night Bazaar caught up with Mark Doyle and he’s featured this week on their Sessions podcast with a mix of Hedkandi classics starring Francois K, Peyton, Lighthouse Family, Freeloaders and Stonebridge. To manage HERE to listen.

For tickets and more information on Hedkandi’s 20th anniversary shows, go to HERE.


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