Great American Family releases its Christmas movie lineup

Great American Family is back with even more for its original Christmas movie lineup for the holidays.

With fall upon us, we’re even closer to the holiday season, and the channel, Great American Family, is gearing up to launch its annual Great American Christmas event, which premieres original Christmas movies every year. weekend. On top of that, Christmas films will be on the air, “24/7 throughout the end of the year”. In its second year, it increased by 50%.

Each weekend will feature a new movie, and there seem to be plenty to choose from and a variety of stories to suit everyone’s tastes. All new movie premieres will air at 8 p.m. ET.

First of all, on October 22, there is Intended for Christmas. Kim and Theo’s characters meet a spark during Black Friday shopping, but after they split up following a power outage, it will take “a bit of Christmas magic and fate to bring them back together.” Many can relate to the idea of ​​bumping into someone amazing and losing touch with them, so this movie seems like the one to grab attention for its relatable quality.

There are Christmas caterer on October 29, where Molly Frost’s character gets a gig that can help her with her struggling restaurant career working for the Harrison Foundation’s annual Christmas dinner gala. Frost soon develops feelings for Carson, nephew of Harrison Foundation director Jean Harrison, who is responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly with dinner, which leads to a more complicated situation. Any film where things get complicated is always an attention-grabbing film.

A Royal Christmas on Ice on November 5, a prince comes to the United States and falls in love with a former Olympic skater and Love at Christmas Contest On Nov. 6, a woman is hesitant to celebrate the holiday after losing her mother and soon turns to the annual tree-decorating contest to honor her memory, but things get complicated when her high school sweetheart and daughter also enter the competition. From the inclusion of a sporty woman to seeing how much the weather has changed since high school, both movies seem to have heart-warming stories.

A Merry Christmas wish on November 12, a New York publicity executive sells the family farm in her hometown which soon becomes the site of the annual Winter Wonderland in the city, an event she organizes with a childhood friend. It’s a movie that can be about anyone who returns home after being born and raised in a small town and moving to the big city.

My Best Friend’s Christmas November 13 features a woman whose best friend poses as her fake boyfriend after her ex-partner leaves and Christmas in Pine Valley November 19 features a woman who must convince a magazine reporter describing her farm and housewares store that it is a family business rather than run solely by her and family friends. Movies, where things are presented as not being as they really are, are relatable and a good option to captivate the audience.

November 20 has My favorite Christmas tree which has the character of Kyla and her sister traveling to the town of Conifer to help figure out her family’s history as November 25 has Christmas at Drive-inwhich has a real estate lawyer fighting to keep the local Drive In Theater open over the holidays, while finding a romantic relationship with the person trying to sell the theater.

I’m glad it’s Christmas on November 26, an aspiring Broadway singer chooses between her professional dreams and her love. The film’s cast includes Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene and the legendary Gladys Knight.

Candace Cameron Brue Presents A Christmas Present… November 27 follows Maggie and Eric, who “are busy parents of teenagers who embark on a trip to Maggie’s widowed brother’s home to celebrate Christmas.”

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane December 3 is a comedy/mystery following Ivy, who “struggles with the shadow cast by her late mother, Muriel, the darling of Icicle Falls; chef of the Candy Cane Lane Lights Extravaganza, owner of The Christmas Haus and former TV star adoringly known as “Christmas Maven”. Each film shows how different parties can be with different families, cities and situations.

Happy B&B On Dec. 4, a luxury travel blogger covering a small town learns that all experiences can be five-star, “when shared with kindred spirits,” while Christmas in a big box on Dec. 9, two former partners were stuck in a supermarket before Christmas with no cell service.

A prince for the holidays December 10, a budding musician’s joke about dating a prince goes too far and she asks a friend to impersonate the prince, when unbeknownst to her he has a secret royal. Different circumstances can easily change the way one may view a particular holiday period, as these films show.

December 11 has A Belgian Chocolate Christmas, who has a photographer replacing her friend’s place in a Belgian culinary school but complications arise because with this different identity, the validity is questioned when she falls in love with the chocolatier who leads the class.

A brush with the romance of Christmas on December 17, a struggling artist discards an artwork which is soon discovered and submitted to the Christmas Art Festival, thus beginning a search for a guest artist to find who painted the piece.

Holiday movies end with The Art of Christmas on December 18, where a new career choice in education for an artist leads her to discover a positive new sense of purpose. As these movies show, some things are meant to happen for a reason.

With so many movies, there seems to be a lot for audiences to enjoy, all with positive movies for the whole family.

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