Go wild with the new movie “Ice Age”

You might be wondering what a sixth movie could add to the Ice Age series. Buck Wild’s Ice Age Adventures adds extended screen time for brothers Crash and Eddie. What better way to extend the Ice Age series than focusing on the two funniest supporting characters and giving them arcs? Except that the writers always manage to make them secondary characters in what – at least according to the synopsis – seems to be their film.

The Disney+ exclusive promises to continue the wacky escapades of some Ice Age crew members. The original group included mammoths Manny and Ellie, saber-toothed tiger Diego, Sid the sloth, and possum brothers Crash (Vincent Tong) and Eddie (Aaron Harris). This time the brothers venture out on their own, away from their older sister Ellie (Dominique Jennings) and the constant scolding from everyone else. Reusing the setting of The Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and reintroducing adventurer Buck Wild (Simon Pegg), the writers send Crash and Eddie to find their destiny in the Lost World.

Warning: This review contains spoilers!

The film begins with Ellie sketching everyone’s stories on a cave wall, refreshing viewers’ memories. Cut to Crash and Eddie, who are up to their usual antics, causing an avalanche for entertainment, which destroys the group’s habitat. After being scolded, the brothers sneak out while everyone is sleeping, only stopping to say goodbye to their sister. This sentimental moment leads viewers to believe that the opossums’ character development has begun, but they revert to their irresponsible antics as soon as they get underway.

Twenty minutes into the film, the brothers enter the Lost World and face several near-death experiences. Luckily, the possums, as Eddie explains, have either four or 11 lives, and Buck Wild appears in time to save the pair. As they attempt to escape, they encounter the story’s villain, Orson. He’s an escaped convict with a superiority complex to hide his insecurities after years of being bullied because of his colossal brain (literally sticking out). His character can be summed up by an exchange he has with Buck where he says, “Well, not everyone has my colossal intellect”, to which Buck responds, “Which is only eclipsed by your ego and your insecurity.” It is also a leading line in the film.

Unfortunately, there are few other memorable lines. the Ice Age the movies have a lot of funny moments, but the jokes in this movie are forced and unoriginal. Crash and Eddie have been comically dumb in previous movies, but in The Adventures of Buck Wildthey are just stupid.

Eddie (left) and Crash (right) rescued by Buck Wild (not pictured) in The Lost Word. “The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild | Official Trailer | Disney+”

After Buck and the brothers escape to his bachelor pad, he catches up with viewers on what will be the film’s main plot: defeating the power-hungry Orson. He wants to rule the Lost World and rid it of all the mammals that “infect” the ecosystem with their fur and warm blood: “The Dinos rule. Mammals drool,” says Orson.

Then, since the film needs more characters – the original group is still in the film but busy looking for the brothers – we are introduced to Zee (Justina Machado), a zorilla (who is very different from a skunk, d okay) and Buck’s old friend. They share a bitter past, and their rocky relationship becomes another subplot in the film.

Now, with less than 30 minutes remaining in the film, how can the original plot of the brothers forging their own paths be completed? How can the heroes (who are Zee and Buck, not the declared protagonists Crash and Eddie) defeat the evil Orson and create harmony between all the creatures of the Lost World? More importantly, what do the possums add to this movie besides slowing down Buck and Zee to defeat Orson?

Then, 20 minutes from the end, the Mammals defeat Orson by turning his Velociraptors against him and the brothers finally begin to show signs of character development: they use their common sense.

Crash and Eddie’s slight use of common sense is enough for them to declare their independence from the pack and stay in the Lost World to help keep the peace. That doesn’t stop them from visiting their sister every day for meals, however, a treat that destroys what little character development they’ve gotten.

Buck and Zee grew much more throughout the film than the opossum brothers, mending their relationship and beating Orson. The film’s plot would have made more sense if Crash and Eddie hadn’t been so central to its marketing. They just don’t play a big enough role. Overall, the Ice Age the writers prioritized extracting more money from this franchise over adding anything new or relevant.

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