Ghost Story: The Woman in Red


LEXINGTON, Virginia (WDBJ) – There’s a house in Lexington, a very old house, it’s called 1789 Middleton House. It is also called Jack’s House, Vanderslice House and House of Eight Ghosts. Now it’s probably one of the most haunted houses not only in Lexington, but probably on the entire East Coast.

The Methodist Church was founded there by Reverend Samuel Vanderslice in the early 1800s. Now he loved his wife very much, but she was very special. She liked to wear the color red, and at the time she was considered the evil color, the color of the devil.

Well, they are dead, but when Jack owned the house he would have had guests visiting him over the years, over the decades. And they would get up and walk into another room, be gone for about 15 or 20 minutes, and when they come back, they would sit and chat with Jack. You know, they didn’t care, and they started to describe this woman they had met.

Now Jack knew he had no other guests at the house, and that they were describing Mrs. Vanderslice, the woman in red. They never alarmed her guests because she looked so real.

And that’s a misconception about ghosts. People think ghosts are wooo, but ghosts can look as real as me to you and you do to me.

Now, it is said that Mrs. Vanderslice can still be seen at Jack’s house, in the attic, looking out the northwest window, combing and brushing her long blonde hair every now and then.

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