Future FIFA titles should bring back an Alex Hunter-like story mode

FIFA 23it is The 2022 release will mark the end of the FIFA-EA Sports partnership and see the introduction of a new football video game in EA Sports FC after. At least, EA Sports FC will have all the popular game modes that have been in the past Fifa games including VOLTA, Career Mode, FUT and Pro Clubs. With FIFA still planning to continue making the game with another publisher, the game will have to include some new game modes and give fans a ton of content to battle through. EA Sports FC and other games coming out in the near future such as UFL.


One of the best pieces of content that has shown a lot of promise in Fifa games was the story-based game mode featuring fictional player, Alex Hunter. First appeared in FIFA 17Alex Hunter’s story was ultimately short-lived, but it shows how future football matches can improve the content they provide to fans and could be an important part of the success of future ones. Fifa Games. As it is, of FIFA the future is still undecided as to who will release future titles; however, for continued success, the game will need to offer players more content and enjoyable experiences, and a story-driven career mode can do the trick.

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Alex Hunter’s Journey

FIFA 17 has never been remarkable Fifa game and unfortunately fell into the period of games which showed few changes and improvements resulting in bad reviews and angry fans. However, the only good thing that came out of this period was Alex Hunter and the story mode which gave fans a new and unique experience in Fifa Games. Hunter is a fictional player whose journey fans got to follow as he competed in Europe’s top leagues before being pushed to MLS and working his way back to his former glory.

Titled The Journey, the story of Alex Hunter saw players having to bring him back to the top by performing well in matches and completing certain objectives, and even took control of Kim, Alex’s sister who also played in professional football. Unfortunately, as the game mode began to grow among fans, it was canceled for future titles, leaving a gaping hole in terms of content. Now, with FIFA and EA Sports splitting up, the former has the chance to offer fans a unique story mode experience like that of Alex Hunter, showcasing the ins and outs of a professional football career.

FIFA Story Mode

Although Alex Hunter may not get a return in the future Fifa game, partly because his character was created by EA Sports and partly because he was never as successful as he could have been, Fifa is yet to release a new story mode. Including this type of game mode will be essential for Fifa as it attempts to rebuild a football game from the ground up as it will not only improve the amount of content in the game but it will help them stand out from EA Sports FC and the rest of the competition. Whether it’s another character from Alex Hunter or a fresh take on career mode, a story-driven game mode is something fans of Fifa games have been asking since Alex Hunter left the scene in FIFA 20.

Fifa could shape the story mode in many ways, however, moving away from a pre-made player is probably the best decision, and allowing fans to create their own player, similar to Player Career, would make the game mode much more enjoyable . The story could include any team in the game since Fifa will have access to all licenses, and it will also leave room for legends of the sport to make cameos. Ultimately, story mode needs to be the perfect blend of on-pitch moments and off-pitch interactions to make it a compelling game mode.

With EA Sports FC firmly in control of the most popular game modes including FUT, Pro Clubs, Career Mode and VOLTA, future Fifa titles will have to provide a new set of game modes that will provide fans with tons of content and a brand new experience. With a story-based game mode, Fifa may not only provide this level of content, but may include a new way to play the game with RPG elements such as skill trees and a deeper plot to help the game mode stand out. Fifa must swing out the door if he has any hope of competing with EA Sports FC and UFLand with countless fans who are already deciding to stick with the Fifa name, the game will have to meet all expectations and deliver in almost every department.

FIFA 23 is scheduled for September 30, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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