Former Adele music teacher says she knew the singer was ‘special’ but admitted she was not good at timing


Adele’s former singing teacher shared her pride in the singer, but reveals the one thing she wasn’t very good at as a teenager was getting up on time.

The popular star released her new single Easy on Me at midnight and the clip has already been viewed over 17 million times on YouTube.

Adele’s former music teacher since joining the BRIT School, Liz Penney, said the star was very ‘driven’ and sat ‘willingly’ and ‘willingly’ in the halls of the school to write songs.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, she said: “I am extremely proud [of Adele], it’s kind of hard enough to maintain that level of pride for so long.

“I vividly remember meeting Adele for the first time and recognizing that something special. Haven’t seen her in long enough, but I think if I did, she would be the same Adele that she was, when she was 13, when I met her.

Her former teacher admitted to Lorraine that one thing the star wasn’t very good at doing was being on time.

Liz explained: “That’s right, we went on a tour of Devon, we took about 20 students to Devon and got a phone call around ten past nine, we were all at Clapham Junction Station and she was coming just got out of bed so she didn’t come!

“She missed a little trip to Devon!”

Lorraine Kelly interviewing Adele’s former voice teacher Liz Penney

It was also revealed how Adele returned to the BRIT School after the release of her album 21 to speak to the students.

After watching the students play, she told the students to “stick with it” and “work hard”.

Lorraine also asked how Adele invited Liz to her 18th birthday party in 2006. Guests were treated to a performance preview of some of the songs that went on to appear on her 19 album.

Liz said: “At her 18th birthday party she performed, so she had a few comrades who did performances… and performed some of the tracks that she eventually went to put on her album.”

Speaking of meeting Paul McCartney together, she said, “We went to a fame scholarship event and Adele could invite two people. She invited her mother and she invited me, which was wonderful.

“We went upstairs and Paul McCartney was the guest of honor, but he only appeared for a few seconds in the corner of the room… Adele and I held hands and rushed over to him and we all had both received a handshake.

“And after a couple of years I was watching TV and Adele was hanging out with Sir Paul.”

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