Ella Johnson shows off weight loss in rare fan photo

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day star Ella Johnson wants to lose weight before she meets boyfriend Johnny Chao, and she may have achieved her goal.

Ancient 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Star Ella Johnson has revealed her weight loss progress in a rare photo with a TLC fan. Ella, 29, debuted on Season 5 of The 90 day fiance spin-off alongside her 34-year-old boyfriend, Johnny Chao. Johnny had planned to meet Ella in America, but he couldn’t leave China due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his personal issues. Johnny, a divorced single father, feared for the health and future of his son and his elderly parents in case he fell ill with coronavirus. He kept delaying his visit to the United States and Johnny also refused to meet Ella halfway, leading her to cheat on him.


When Johnny was introduced to 90 day fiance viewers, he had made a big deal of Ella’s weight. In one of his scenes, Johnny visited a doctor to get some herbal medicine to make Ella lose weight. The 90 day fiance Friends of the franchise star had also made insulting comments about Ella’s height. While Ella may not have known what Johnny’s mean friends thought of her, she was also trying to slim down for Johnny. According to Ella, once Johnny arrived in Idaho, he was going to cook her healthy meals while living the ranch life. She said she was trying to lose 10 pounds and even joined a gym to achieve her goal. “Hopefully 20, but at least 10,Ella had told the 90 day fiance cameras in episode 5.

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But Johnny has yet to meet Ella in person. After the Before 90 days Say it all, Ella revealed that she and Johnny would continue their journey on 90 day logs. Although Ella and Johnny’s segment has yet to air, TLC fans received an update on Ella via Reddit user The_Chuckness88. The Redditor reposted a photo of Ella with a fan they met on a 90 day fiance The Facebook page. Ella appears to have stopped by the La Quinta Inn and Suites in her hometown, and the fan pictured next to Ella recorded her. Ella looked stunning in her galaxy print top and zodiac themed leggings. Another Reddit user, Loose_Attitude3742 commented: “She seems to have lost weight a bit, so much the better for her.

Some fans ridiculed Ella’s unique outfit. But a few were happy to see how happy Ella looked, having seen her cry in almost every episode of 90 day fiance. Someone found it suspicious that Ella was checking into a local hotel. They seemed curious if Ella had yet another date with a new “friend” behind Johnny’s back. A few commenters felt sympathy for Ella who might have simply wanted a stay away from home at the hotel. Anyway, fans such as ImAfraidOfTheBeard noticed Ella’s weight loss and thought she was “glowing» and looked «absolutely amazing

Even though Ella was shown cheating on Johnny on the show and he expressed how upset he was with her decision to move forward with an open relationship, the 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days couple had another story to tell. According to Ella and Johnny, they were all for seeing other people, so she never really cheated on him. Despite the infidelity, Ella and Johnny were still going strong until March, when fans last heard from them on Instagram. Johnny still hopes to meet Ella in the United States and once that happens, fans will surely find out through their social networks or via 90 day fiance.

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