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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Double Feature, out now on Hulu.

american horror story‘snowcompleted the 10th season offered a plot-fueled recovery over the second half of the 20e Century. His “Death Valley” script featured a series of black and white flashbacks, in which an alien species comes into contact with President Eisenhower and forces him to make a hideous deal. In the process, America’s history is rewritten as aliens seek to keep their experiences hidden at all costs.

At least six major historical events are being completely redesigned within AHSmythology, binding them all together in its unique and senseless conspiracy. A brief list of each follows, presented in chronological order.

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Amelia Earhart is kidnapped and gives birth to a monster

Amelia Earhart was the aviation pioneer that broke many air records in the 1930s. Most notably, she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo and the first person of any kind to fly solo d ‘Hawaii in the United States. She disappeared in 1937 while trying to become the first woman to fly around the world. . She likely crashed in the Pacific and was killed on impact or drowned.

american horror story presents her as one of the first people abducted by aliens, impregnated with a hybrid baby and returned to Earth in 1954. There, she gives birth to a monster and dies, victim of the alien plan.

JFK’s assassination was coordinated by aliens

The actual Kennedy assassination was officially the act of a sniper, Lee Harvey Oswald, but rumors of all kinds have followed the president’s death almost from the time it took place. In american horror story, he is led at the request of the aliens to prevent Kennedy from revealing what he knows of their existence.

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Aliens use Vietnam War as a distraction

In the real world, the Vietnam War officially began under Lyndon Johnson, whose pursuit further divided the nation and led him to withdraw from the 1968 presidential election. Richard Nixon was elected that year, and his campaign included a pledge to end the Vietnam War. He didn’t – at least initially – and the war escalated to include the bombing of Cambodia in 1969 and 1970 under the director of Nixon’s national security adviser, Henry Kissinger.

In American Horror Stories Timeline, war is waged only at the behest of aliens, who use it as a distraction from questions about the thousands of Americans they kidnap each year. american horror story portrays President Nixon trapped by their demands to continue the war despite strong public opposition. The exchange assumes Johnson left the White House for similar reasons. Kissinger is revealed to be a lizard person, one of the aliens’ allies.

AHS Moon Landing was directed by Stanley Kubrick

In AHS‘most outlandish vanities, “Death Valley” portrays a moon landing as completely fictional, shot on a soundstage in Area 51 by Stanley Kubrick and broadcast to the world as a reality. As with the JFK assassination, the real moon landing was beset by rumors and urban legends speculating that it could not have happened. Kubrick has long been attached to such rumors, largely thanks to his film 2001: A Space Odyssey which depicts extremely believable moon footage and was released less than a year before the actual moon landing date in July 1969.

In AHSLogically, the landing is rigged in order to convince people that the rapid technological advances granted by the treaty are man-made. Without a trip to the moon, too many people would be wondering, and yet leaving the planet is prohibited for obvious reasons. The sets of the false moon landing are still in place in area 51 in modern times and visited by some of its captives.

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Nixon’s Watergate scandal prevents exposure of alien plot

The actual events of Watergate consumed Nixon’s presidency. In 1972, burglars were arrested at the Democratic National Headquarters of the Watergate Hotel at the request of the administration to wiretap their phones and photocopy documents. The ensuing scandal saw a number of Nixon’s cabinet members and his entourage resign or go to jail, and culminated with his own resignation in 1974 before impeachment and almost certain conviction. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s investigative reporting played a big part in exposing the scandal, aided by an administration whistleblower named “Deep Throat”.

american horror story presents it as a punitive action to prevent Nixon from revealing what he knows about the alien conspiracy. After having overdone the assassinations, a political scandal allows them to get rid of the President without too much fuss. Deep Throat – actually a deputy director of the FBI at the time – is revealed to be Mamie Eisenhower, using Woodward and Bernstein to oust Nixon.

The computer revolution is a trade for alien experimentation

Although more subtle than some of the other events described in american horror story, the computer revolution plays an important role in the mythology of the series. In return for allowing aliens to abduct and experiment on thousands of U.S. citizens each year, the government – and ultimately the general public – enjoys the benefits of alien technology. Once the deal is signed, Valiant Thor reveals alien technology that looks a lot like a modern personal device.

The computer revolution thus becomes another pawn of aliens, putting PCs and possibly cellphones and similar devices in the hands of everyone as a reward for allowing their horrific experiments to continue. He accentuates the point by revealing a still-alive Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, in Area 51, despite having passed away in 2011.

To see America’s takeover of aliens, all 10 episodes of American Horror Story: Double Feature are now on Hulu.

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