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JERSEY CITY, NJ – During a one-day Meet Your Army event in New Jersey, one of the Army’s top leaders shared his appreciation and encouragement with recruiters and future recruits, business leaders, police, veterans and clergy.

General Ed Daly, Commander of Army Materiel Command, attended a Meet Your Army event on October 15 in his hometown, following his Hall of Fame induction ceremony for his alma mater. Meet Your Army is an outreach initiative to connect, inspire and educate the American public to support and sustain their military. This involves strategically planned engagements, often in the hometowns of senior Army leaders, that increase knowledge, public support, and confidence in the Army and its soldiers. Many events are linked to the recruitment efforts in the region.
Daly, who recalled the lack of military leadership in the communities of Jersey City and Newark as he grew up, told a group of Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion recruiters that the relationships they build within their communities are critical to what local residents know about the military.

“We appreciate what you do every day behind the scenes to build our army of the future,” said Daly. “It was important that I come here first because your work is building the army of the future one individual at a time. You have an impressive responsibility and what you do is essential to our military.

Daly’s visit to the Newark Recruiting Station included recognizing three top recruiters from the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion: Sgt. First Class Lawrencia Quartey of the Newark Company, Staff Sgt. Zachariah Martinez of the Tinton Falls Company and Sgt. First Class Aliomar Davis of the North Jersey Company.

Daly, who was accompanied throughout the day by AMC Command Sgt. Major Alberto Delgado said the visit to the Newark recruiting station was personal for them.

“I literally grew up five miles from here. Command Sgt. Major Delgado grew up in Lower Manhattan, ”he said. “It’s personal to us in terms of reaching out and bringing young people into the military and changing the trajectory of their lives. “

Daly stressed the importance of recognizing the army’s number one asset is its people, and the role of senior military leaders in finding ways to help soldiers accomplish their mission every day.

“The army is in the family business. People serve because they have a sense of service. It is our job to ensure that we provide a high quality of life for them and their families, ”he said. “We know that you face challenges and that it is not easy. But your persistence, resilience and attitude make a huge difference to our military. You laid the foundation for our army.

In a meeting with business leaders from the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Daly was briefed on the region’s growing logistics and distribution industry and the current challenges of supply chain management. Daly underscored the Army’s need to partner with advanced manufacturing, information technology, transportation and logistics industries to develop advanced capabilities and meet modernization goals. He encouraged business leaders to hire veterans and reserve soldiers, telling them that the values ​​and attributes they bring to the workforce are beneficial; and he urged leaders to encourage military service among the young people they meet through their business networks.

Twenty-six prospective soldiers were the center of attention during a swearing-in ceremony for prospective soldiers of the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. With the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop, Daly was sworn in.

“Today everything revolves around you; these are parents, sons and daughters. There is no place Command Sgt. Major Delgado and I would prefer to be here right now, ”Daly told Future Soldiers ahead of the ceremony.

He encouraged future soldiers to enjoy the ceremony knowing they are about to enter a 245-year-old profession that is both honorable and bound to duty. His legacy includes America’s Founding Father General George Washington, the Band of Brothers and the Greater Generation of WWII, and 16 New Jersey servicemen whose names live on as the names of Jersey City’s local parks. .

“Take that into account and realize that you are coming into service and standing on the border of freedom and standing up for our democracy,” Daly said. “People will soon be counting on you to lead and protect them. We look forward to serving with you in this great profession.

Military service is the foundation of greatness both in and out of the uniform, he said, and can change and define not just a career, but a life.

“What you stand for demonstrates greater service than you. It’s about protecting our constitution. It’s about staying in line with the brave, ”Daly said. “So go ahead and be awesome. Trust your instincts. We need you to serve with pride in our army. You are our best and brightest. We need you to do great things for our country.

During a visit to the Jersey City Police South Compound, Daly spoke with officers who once served alongside his father, and who continue his legacy based on the values ​​of professionalism, respect , integrity, dedication and excellence shared by police officers and the army soldier and civilian forces.

“My father was a proud and long-time member of the Jersey City Police,” said Daly. “The values ​​that I learned from my father are reflected in my life today and have led to my success as Chief of the Army. I am eternally grateful to the New Jersey Police Department for the difference they made in my father’s life and in the lives of our family.

Daly strengthened his relationship with local veterans during a visit to Veterans of Foreign Wars Samuel R. Shelton Post 2294. Of the veterans active with VFW Post 2294, two are World War II veterans while others served in Vietnam, in Operation Desert Storm and in the Global War on Terrorism.

“I really appreciate your service,” Daly told the veterans of the last VFW station in Jersey City. “This is the land of the free because of the brave, and you are the brave. You are the heroes.

The day’s activities ended with a meeting with officials from the Archdiocese of Newark, which oversees 16 private Catholic high schools in the Jersey City / Newark area. The Archdiocese has more than 225 priests in active service serving approximately 1.8 million people. About 25% of the military are Catholics, according to the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church for military services.

During the meeting, church officials agreed that military recruiters can provide a viable, honorable and life-changing career choice for graduates of Catholic schools in the area.

“The military instills a core set of values ​​in all who serve that the Catholic Church would be proud of – values ​​like honor, respect, loyalty and selfless service,” Daly said. “While we stand up for religious freedom, we are also committed to providing our soldiers and their families with the faith-based services and support they need and want, as well as training and education opportunities that provide lifelong employment opportunities. ”

Recruiters from the Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion helped plan Meet Your Army events in Jersey City and Newark, leveraging Daly’s ability to help build relationships with groups critical to successful recruiting in the region.

“Gen. Daly’s visit was exactly what we needed, great conversation and great support. He made it very memorable for our current and future soldiers,” said Lt. Col. Dion Hall, battalion commander. .

Editor’s Note: For more photos, check out the AMC album at: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWZTBG3.

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